Words Tuesday

1 Farra did so many things for me that made this year a lot easier to adjust to.

2. The four kids went on walks with me to the pond to get my leg working better.

3. I got to see Farra & Zozo most weekends.

4. Farra went to doctor appointments when no one else could.

5. I got a long visit with Shay, Cassie, and Jayce in September.

6. Adric and Jessup got me to the hospital fast and I didn’t even talk them out of it.

7. Hubby put up with my crying spells and made me laugh to forget them.

8. Hubby puts up with my terrible speech without my teeth.

9. Family is constantly telling me things will get better.

10. I lost weight, back to my high school weight, now need to add muscle.


Part of the reading about healing from strokes is think positive. My husband says that all the time. I admit I think more negative now than I did before the stroke which sucks because I don’t like being that way. I like being happy and positive. Now it sucks but I keep trying. Says to think of 10 positive things a day.

  1. I lived.
  2. I can walk, but with a limp, I can handle that.
  3. My hubby takes care of the things I can’t do, yet.
  4. Jessup takes me to the appointments I need to go to, driving in the future I hope.
  5. I published my first book, Obeyville Snoop.
  6. The stroke didn’t take my eye sight, thank goodness.
  7. I use my right arm more each day as I think of new ways to put it to use.
  8. I can breathe on my own.
  9. My thinking, reasoning etc is all there.
  10. I no longer have a stomache tube, no teeth, but have adapted.


Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

I had a cover to keep my head steady, I assume. It was just a head scan for see if I had changes to my stroke. He was worried since my throat had changed. I went in for my nose being clogged and my throat, I couldnt breathe well.

Hubby and I tried every trick to get my nose to open up. It sucked. Then my mouth slowly blocked. I did a CT, x-ray to make sure I had not got food stuck. I can’t have contrast because of the kidneys. Bummer. I see him next week. Lab did show better results but still low. It lasted 40 minutes. I listened to 80’s music but the noise was louder. I tried to keep my eyes closed but no go. I kept looking at the scratch in the top, lol. She did give me a hand beeper, I think that was comforting. I had to take the blood pressure pill patch off first and then part way through my heart starting to hurt. I kept going, I didn’t want to do it over. Gladly I felt the guy say I’m pulling you out now. I sat up and started crying. I explained it hurt my heart. He said to relax awhile and that helped.

I always thought it was a long full tunnel, don’t think I could do those. It was to close inside as is but I think knowing I wasn’t fully in and had a beeper plus she was nice helped. Just give me years before I have to go again.

I looked back on my KU paper and see I did 3 MRI, 9 CT, AND 2 MRA. I have no idea what MRA is. They did so many tests i’m glad i was out of it, ekg, body xrays, etc. Did tests for cocaine, etc.. It ran 83,948.00 Wow. Hell pharmacy was 76,000.00 what I rip off.

The funny thing was the hallucination I had. I t must have been one of the MRI. I was put in a flying saucer and it went round and round forever I remember the noise and the music. I was so happy when it was done. I was crying. They took back to my room where hubby was and it was ice cold for what seemed like I long time. and dark. Weird. And another one I thought hubby and I volunteered for heat exposer in the room. Guess the heat was working. lol

Gypsy Magic

About a lady and her son move to Haven Hollow to have a fresh start. She makes potions and is a gypsy. She picked house that is old and needs fixed up. A ghost from their old house hitched a ride. She is a good ghost. Several people are monsters that can be human life and not always mean ole monsters of her new friends. Several mishaps but come out ok. In the back of her house is a cemetery. I cant wait til i read the next one. Good story. I think my daughter should read. She likes potions and ghostly things, maybe not monsters.


Today was clean cupboards

Completely downsized. I want to do more but hubby said no, lol. Easier for me to get things I mostly need. Took stuff to goodwill. I would like lighter plates, but don’t know about that. And of course would love organizing stuff, 🙂 This wore me out. Now what’s for supper, as Jessup asked. lol


I wore my top dentures yesterday. The bottom ones fit but want to move so I took those out. Hope my final ones in December fit good. But it was nice. I could drink better and ended up drinking more water. yay and no straw. Ate a couple things. Still more practice to go

As for today I had a lot of slobbery and ended up taking out. I got upset because I failed. I had to take a crazy drug and take them out. Hubby is so hopeful with that. Love him lots.

At least I wore them out for awhile which was good. I’m so anxious to wear them. Need to talk to the doctor about a slobber drug. The blood pressure pill is only making my lips dry. I have to say at least I don’t eat chips and such anything hard because my gums won’t let it.

I eat decent just miss my fruit. Point is take care of your teeth. I did I just didn’t go to the dentists enough. I brushed them everyday but didn’t floss has much as I should have. Makes me sad. I had pretty teeth.

Cleaning Takes Work

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I decided to try sweeping today, for the most part my right hand cooperated. Angles were a bit twisting at times. Picking it up with the dustpan was crazy. I had use my right hand for the dustpan and left hand on the broom at bottom. Missed a few. My right hand likes to hold on when I dont want it to. lol So made the pan dump the trash a few times and had to do it over. lol It definitely takes more time.

I used some Mr Clean wipe thin cleanups. I like those! I scrubbed walls by the doors and the doors. It’s been awhile.

Now in the process of cleaning the laundry room but i had to sit down and drink of water. I’m going to do the towels and wash off the washer and dryer. Been awhile. I cleaned the towel closet. Found a nice pair of gloves. Finders keepers.

Eventually do the few dishes. I need to scrape the brownie pan. Think I’ll make banana bread mix. Cheating it is a mix for now. Baby steps. But I feel my arm doing more. Cant wait til I can fix my hair!