NaNo is Tomorrow!

I have been doing some research on writing and tips from successful authors. I have learned alot and have been inspired. I have always had stories in my head and wanted to be an author since I was in Junior High but just haven’t pushed myself to make it happen. I am excited to do this and very nervous. My immediate family is very supportive and that helps alot. My novel may turn out a mess but I will complete it and then work on the reworking after the deadline is up. Who knows it may be my Christmas gift to myself! 🙂

Less than a week.

I have begun on my character sketches and done a little story line. I need to come up with a very good book cover which I will be working on over the weekend. The bad part of writing this is I have been so use to writing short little sentences because of texting. That is a bad bad habit. 🙂 I think that will be my biggest hurdle.

Oh the days.

I have signed up to do the NaNowrimo writing in November. I sure hope I can stay focused and finish a novel by the end of the month. I am nervous, mostly because I rarely finish anything. A very bad habit, but one I am trying to correct. I have always wanted to write. I have just never gave myself enough confidence to actually keep up with it. I am one of those people that try to do everything that sparks an interest, instead of sticking with one interest and making it work. I suppose since graduating from High School, work and family have kept me busy. I at least used that as an excuse to not try. I am not getting younger body wise so I must do this now just in case tomorrow doesn’t happen. I want at least one dream to come true before I can not accomplish it. I am a believer that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, now I must follow that. I must mention I am a big procrastinator, not a good trait! 🙂