Posted in November 2012

Gobble, gobble was yummy!

My Thanksgiving Day was really nice. My daughter had the big dinner and all four kids were together. I know that may not happen each year on the day it is suppose to but we will get together on some day in November. One must keep the family going strong and being together cause life … Continue reading

Second day bomb!

I thought maybe the day was going to be great. It turned real quick to the downside, so needless to say no writing, as of yet. Why does the youngest kid of the family have to be the most stubborn? My young one decided last night to not do his homework, so he got his … Continue reading

Brain Fog!

First day of writing my novel and my mind can’t think! Ugh! I do have the first chapter going, but thought it would take off better. It could be other things on my mind. Maybe once through this weekend it will get better. I know once I really start typing I won’t stop so not … Continue reading