Gobble, gobble was yummy!

My Thanksgiving Day was really nice. My daughter had the big dinner and all four kids were together. I know that may not happen each year on the day it is suppose to but we will get together on some day in November. One must keep the family going strong and being together cause life goes way to fast to not spend a little time with each other. She even invited over three other soldiers that could not make it home which made it even more fun. Her boyfriend had his two nephews and they kept hubby and I rather busy. It was fun. I think I better get into better shape before my kids start having grandbabies because I was tired. LOL, but we enjoyed it.

We can not get enough turkey so we made a small one for us on Saturday with the two younger boys. Yum. Hubby did not get to make one last year because of being overseas so he was determined that he was making one. We feasted all weekend on turkey. I suppose we will make one more come Christmas time. Funny that the stores have them all year but we never think to make one except during the holiday time. We have had eight pumpkin pies in the last week, now that we make them from the can and not from the freezer, we are going crazy making them.

We did get our Christmas tree up this weekend. So far the cats have not destroyed it. We have the water bottle handy and ready to aim! They do not like that! LOL…

I did a little bit of shopping but I am one of those down to the last minute shoppers. I try to get organized but it just doesn’t work. I am a bit ahead of the game this year. I did some online Thanksgiving morning and snagged a couple gifts. I did go with the daughter and oldest son to Thanksgiving shopping that evening, but I didn’t buy anything. It was fun just to watch the other crazies and to help the daughter man the cart. It was our first time shopping, usually we are working. It was interesting. Gonna have to try it again.


Halfway through NaNo Land and not even close.

It is definitely proving to be a difficult task for me to write this novel in thirty days. It is not because of time, but because of what the heck do I write next in the story line.

I know I am not suppose to worry about the editing but I just can’t seem to stop that.

I really want the novel to be a hit, and I think that takes in my non writing experience, way longer than thirty days.

There are so many reasons that are adding up to not finish. The big one being next week when it is Thanksgiving, time with family and friends. I knew it was coming but just couldn’t get the words down to make up for not writing next week.

I am not giving up til the last minute but it is so not looking good. I can say this, the task has gave me the get up and go that I needed, so it has accomplished something.

I so want that finished certificate.

I am breaking out the Seagrams, maybe words will flow.

Second day bomb!

I thought maybe the day was going to be great. It turned real quick to the downside, so needless to say no writing, as of yet.

Why does the youngest kid of the family have to be the most stubborn? My young one decided last night to not do his homework, so he got his TV taken away, and he continued with being stubborn. I had hoped he would get up this morning and want to do the homework, no such luck, and in fact, he refused to go to school! Even when hubby got involved.

So he got not only his computer taken away, he got his birthday party taken away today and was bored all day long. If you can’t do what you are told then the fun stuff has to be taken away. Really sucks though that it is his birthday. We told him he had to earn it all back and he still really isn’t getting it.

What did turning 10 all of a sudden make him into the devil’s child? Wow, I can now tell my oldest, 21 year old daughter that she has been surpassed by her baby brother with stubbornness. I just hope he doesn’t surpass her on teenage year crimes.

I still have only 300 words wrote for my NaNo novel. Grumble.

Brain Fog!

First day of writing my novel and my mind can’t think! Ugh! I do have the first chapter going, but thought it would take off better. It could be other things on my mind. Maybe once through this weekend it will get better. I know once I really start typing I won’t stop so not worried about getting the count down for the month. It is giving me a headache, or maybe that is my tummy needing some dinner and a giant Pepsi!