Posted in January 2013

Pink with some bumps

The final project on the wall. I love it. It adds some color where there is no color. My solution to not being able to paint the wall. 😉 My finished “Love Tree”. I put the sticker hearts for the leaves. I will someday make me an actual Valentine tree. A small one. I don’t … Continue reading

The Paint PINK

The two together on the wall. My “Love Tree”. I have always enjoyed painting trees. I have no idea why. I wonder if I was a tree in my previous life or something. My hearts. I love to do art for each of the holidays. This is the first I have done for this holiday. … Continue reading

Blank Canvas

The blank canvas. I have stared at this on my wall for around two weeks, thinking of what I could create. My hubby said if I didn’t get to creating them, he was going to draw something on them. What a funny man. I have to admit he can draw better than I can.

Budding Artist

My two sons that are in fourth and fifth grade created these art projects. I was delighted to see how much they have improved since last year. It could be that they have a more involved art teacher this year, rather than someone who just gave them colored pencils and a sheet that already had … Continue reading

Roses are Red

I am beginning to relearn all my Adobe software, it will take me all year. LOL. I am up for the challenge. I must have a break from cleaning house you know. 🙂 I took a picture of the beautiful roses my hubby gave me for Valentines Day last year,  I uploaded it, and cropped out … Continue reading

Cheers to 2013

I am always happy to see a new year here, mostly because it holds promise for the coming year and one can say good bye to the last one. We all have our ups and downs but I can not say that 2012 was a bad year for me. My hubby and daughter were overseas … Continue reading