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Mail Time

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I had to go out and buy new stationary for the Lettermo challenge. It was a must. 🙂 It was a great excuse to get some new bright colors. I love paper, envelopes and pens. I am also using some of my old stuff but one can never have too many pretty things. I would rather buy these things than a bunch of clothes any ole day. 🙂

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One of my first letters from a new pen pal was a package full of swatches of paper and some of her art. I loved it. I am thinking of a collage of art with all the items. It is so much fun getting actual letters instead of just bills and junk mail in the mailbox now. I have received a couple post cards and some long letters. The best part it is from people who have similar interests like art and writing. I don’t have a lot of friends around me that enjoy those things on the level that I do, so it is nice to be able to talk to some that do now. I have enjoyed thinking of things to mail and things to say to my new pen pals. One thing that would make it better is if the weather was warmer out. 🙂 The trip to the post office would be more joyable. I guess we can’t be picky. 🙂

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Its Lettermo instead of NaNoWriMo


I came across a site that a lady began where you write a letter, a card, or any kind of through the mail item in the month of February. I love getting mail so I signed up. I have a lot of family and friends that do not write anymore. I so miss having the fun mail instead of all the junk mail and bills.

I have some new pen pals and I am looking forward to getting my mail now. I sent my first one today to my son since I had the card already. I am going to love buying some new stationary. I love stationary. I have one lady that actually sends a small size of her art. I am really looking forward to that.

Here is the site if anyone else is interested in it. Happy writing!

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