Posted in March 2013

Exercise is a Funny Thing!

(clip art from (A short story by Julia Ray) I finally got up my nerve to go to the YMCA. I think it has mostly been a battle with admitting I need it. Now, I wish I had done it a lot earlier, I feel so good. I am not so worried about the … Continue reading

Try try try

I am going to try it again. I joined Camp Nanowrimo for April to write my novel. I am staying with the 50,000 words even though this challenge one can set any number of word count. I did get me a T-shirt for the challenge hoping it will be my “muse”. Hey anything helps. 🙂 I wonder if … Continue reading

Puzzle Madness

This is how I spent my Sunday afternoon. I began about 2pm. It is a 3D puzzle and boy did it play with the eyeballs. One had to sometimes pick up the piece to see all the colors in it. It was a challenge. I bought the puzzle to make myself enjoy something that wasn’t … Continue reading

Lettermo sparks creativity

I received a letter from one of my new pen pals and they had made their own envelope out of a map. I loved it! I took the envelope apart and traced the outline on to paper for a template. I now have my own long envelopes which can be made from any paper you … Continue reading