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Progress Progress and Progress

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This was me last night!

I began writing in the afternoon and didn’t stop til 1:00 a.m. I was on a roll. I thought I could be someone that would write a little bit everyday. I found out I am not. I am one of those people who write when the light bulb goes off. It seems once I start I don’t stop til I run out of steam. I wrote last night 9,817 words and enjoyed every minute of it.

There was one point when I did this little dance of a neck stretch and hubby burst out laughing at me thinking I was acting out my writing. I had to explain that no, I was a bit stiff from sitting there the last few hours. 🙂

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My total word count for Camp NaNoWriMo is…..drum roll…….30,011! Yippee!

I only need roughly 20,000 more! And less than a week to do it in. Panic, nah, if I can do that word count in one night I believe I will reach my goal! ONLY IF……

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I don’t get stuck! LOL!


I can do it, I can do it! Repeat….I can do it.


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Camp Nanowrimo

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I am doing so much better on this challenge for my novel-writing. The story line is coming along better than it did the last five months. I am still shooting for the 50,000 word mark for this month of Camp Nanowrimo. My total word count is now 10,286 words as of yesterday! I couldn’t stop smiling seeing that I have already way surpassed the initial 3,000 word count that I had done last November. Big smile! 🙂

I have found if I take my mini laptop away from my desktop computer I get so much more writing done. I don’t care to web surf on the mini laptop so it is not a distraction like the desktop computer is. I have tried to handwrite first but I admit I like checking that word count tool way to much. 🙂 It tends to be my motivator. I like all the likes I get on here and my Facebook page. It has really helped me to keep going. They are small numbers but that’s all I need to motivate me. I thank all of you. 🙂

I use the WriteWay software and really enjoy it. I do not use all the features, I tried at first and just didn’t like the electronic use of note taking. I have a mini notebook that I keep all my short notes in. I guess you could say I am all about paper when it comes to the note process but all for the electronic way when it comes to writing. I have found that all the research on outlining sounds like the way to go but this ole brain just isn’t into it. I am all about sitting down, daydreaming, and then writing the story. In fact, I am backwards in doing all of it. Once I am done with a chapter I print it and put it in the three-ring notebook I have titled Novel #1 . Then for each chapter I fill in all the note taking on the characters and scenes. Yep, backwards. I guess that is the way my mind thinks. My grandmother always said I did things backwards and she is right. 🙂

Once I complete this novel, then I will do all the wonderful editing and polishing from the printout chapters. I get to play teacher and mark all the bad grammar and silly scenes that tend to happen when putting thoughts to paper. My goal is to be able to self-publish this on my wedding anniversary, June 22nd. It has been the best day of my life and has brought so much good things I figured it might bring some good vibes for the book. Even if people don’t like my book, I will feel like I achieved my long time goal of publishing a novel. 🙂

It will be the first in a Trilogy series. I  intend to begin the second book in July and then the third one in November since it is a Trilogy. My favorite number is three and so I may be a little OCD about it, but it is also kind of fun to have hidden meaning behind the book. Afterall, it is an adventure book with many secrets unfolding throughout the story. The best part is the year is 2013, a three in the end so I believe it is the year to do this. Plus, I have to get a job next year, so not as much time to write then. LOL

I’d like to say I should have done this a long time ago, but in reality, my heart and thoughts were not in sync before this year. I don’t know if it is because of the changes in my life or just life in general slowing down a bit. I know it helps not working outside the home at this point.  I feel it in my bones that now is the time. I’m going to give it my best shot. 🙂

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They grow fast.

My Sweet Little Girl

They grow too fast.

It seems like such a long time ago that my daughter was a small toddler. She loved to watch all Disney movies, color, and learn whatever she could. I think I saw Mary Poppins more times than I cared to but I am glad it is those movies that interested her instead of something violent. I remember the many colored pictures and usually in the lines. I was always afraid to throw any away because I thought it was being mean to her. I thought I was saying you are not good enough. Yes, I do have them in a tote buried with hundreds of school papers. I will someday have them all in a scrapbook, someday.

She was my first born and so I learned many things from her. I found out if you allow her to sleep all the time with you, it’s a bit difficult to teach her to sleep in her own bed. She definitely was my night owl. She could almost out last me when it came to going to bed. Luckily, when she began kindergarten, she discovered bed time was a good thing. I assume the day wore her out enough that she began to like sleep which was a blessing for me.

When her baby brother was born, she was determined that he was not coming home. She didn’t want no sibling. When I did bring him home and she got to hold him. She looked up at me and said, “I guess we can keep him.” From that moment on, she became mother hen to him. She was a good little helper. As the years have gone by they tell me more stories of how little missy wasn’t always so nice to little brother. I am glad they can laugh about it and it makes me happy to see they love each other.

I recall a time when she had a friend over to play and they were giggling in her room on the top bunk of the bunk beds she shared with her brother. When I walked into the room they quickly covered something on the bed. I walked over and pulled the cover up and oh my goodness. They had taken several different soaps, lotions, and liquids and mixed them altogether on the bed. My first reaction was thank goodness they did not chemically react. It was a mess to clean up. She got a chewing for that one. No she did not become a scientist.

Oh, the years of girl drama. I could go on and on about those but I won’t. It definitely was an interesting time. As most teenagers go through periods of insecurity so did my beautiful daughter. I now know there were times she felt she couldn’t come to me for help and I so apologize for giving her that feeling. It was never my intention to be like that. I thank whoever and however she made it through those times. I remember being like that. I made it through with determination and writing in my journals. I see the same determination in her so I am glad she is a strong person even if she thinks she isn’t.

As she blossomed into a young lady with her whole life in front of her, she asked to join the Army. I think my mouth dropped two stories. It was very difficult to see her leave for boot camp two days after she graduated high school. I couldn’t have been more proud that she knew what she wanted to do. She was born to be a leader. It was in her from the start. She just didn’t always know or get the chance to prove it to herself or to others. She has been serving the United States Army Reserves ever since.

Life didn’t completely go as planned. She made mistakes and family tensions have been there. The one thing I had hoped she would never have to experience, she did. She lost her baby boy to a miscarriage. I can write words but when it comes to saying them, I simply suck at it. I didn’t say what I felt and it gave her more insecurity from me. It created a whole big mess for the good part of a year while she was deployed serving her country. When she came back I let go of all bad feelings and our relationship has blossomed. It’s like having my little girl back again only she has become the most beautiful, determined, and strong young woman any mother would love to have.

She has achieved her college degree, been promoted in the Army Reserves, and balances two jobs. I couldn’t be more proud. She is a survivor. She has proven that no matter what obstacles get in the way she will conquer them. It is the best feeling in the world to know your child can take care of themselves. I look forward to all the ups and downs we will travel together as a family.

Loved you then, love you now, love you forever, Mom.13 - 1