I accomplished my first rough draft! I hit the 50,219 word count last night. It feels great! I will soon be editing and looking forward to bringing you some sneak peeks at my new novel. I am planning on a June time frame for self-publishing. It was fun writing, but I am glad to have it behind me for awhile. This weekend I am going no where near the manuscript. 🙂

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me. It helps just having those few people out there that believe in you. I am one step closer to checking off a dream come true, a published novel!

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine starts tomorrow! 🙂

By 2bcreativeblog

I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

5 thoughts on “I did it!”
  1. Congratulations, Julia! What a great-looking certificate, and I love the title of your book. I can’t wait to be able to read it! 🙂 You did good!!

    1. Thank you. It needs lots of editing though. I just wrote basically what came to mind and so it sounds a bit silly. Now to go through and revamp. I am so glad to have accomplished it. It gave me the confidence I needed. 🙂

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