Welcome to new friends: The Happsters

I signed up! Sounds like fun!

Terry Irving-An Old-Fashioned View

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Happsters are all about happiness. We make other people happy and let others know when they make us happy. Through random acts of happiness and Happster events throughout the world, we make the world a happier place. Be sure to use #imahappster on Twitter and Instagram so we can all follow along and support each other.

Become an official Happster & get free Happy Notes to make it easy for you to express gratitude to people you encounter here: http://tinyurl.com/imahappster. Our goal is to have 10,000 Happsters spreading happiness in their communities by 2014.

Happy Notes:


via About | The Happsters.

Living Above The Line

Living Above The Line

I was recently introduced to the concept of living above and below the line and wanted to share it with you. While many of us have heard these principles before, thinking about being above/below the line is a…

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