Posted in June 2013

Surprise in the Mail!

I had a nice surprise in the mail today! I received this advance reading copy from the Author Beth Harbison. I have no idea how I got it. I truthfully have not read any of her books, and I do not have her on any social media sites. I am more than thrilled to read … Continue reading

Doodle Away

Today was my day for tuning into CreativeLive for the free Illustrator lesson. I did learn a lot and refreshed my mind from years ago when I first took the course. As my mind began to wonder and after sitting on my butt for several hours, I began to doodle in Illustrator. My lovely creature … Continue reading

Digital Fun

I began playing with my digital software again. This is in Illustrator. I wanted a new cover photo for my Facebook page and decided to play with the shape and distortion tool. I like that I can buy a monthly subscription to Adobe products now. It gives me all their products for that subscription whereas … Continue reading