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Journal Time…July 18-24

(Taken at Milford Lake close to our current home.) July 18 Question? What are the ingredients for a perfect day? Year 2012 Positive thoughts. Sunshine. Happy mood. Good self esteem. Full tummy. Pepsi. Someone to socialize with. Year 2013 Sunshine. Family. Friends. Chocolate. Pepsi. Water. Warm. Laughs. Fun. I like how sunshine and Pepsi stays … Continue reading

Mini Vacation…being roughnecks!

Our family vacation was camping by Lemmon, South Dakota! A 771 mile trip and 12 hour drive for two days of camping! Call us crazy, but we did it. We went to go spend some time with my hubby’s sister who lives there. We were not completely crazy. 🙂 We actually broke the trip up … Continue reading

Journal Time…July 11-17

Question? If you were a literary character, who would you be? Year 2012 I would like to be Nancy Drew. I would live to solve mysteries. Be exciting. Not boring. Year 2013 Nancy Drew still. Adventure, mystery, and fun. Question? ______ is perfect? Year 2012 My immediate family. We love each other even if we … Continue reading

Our Very Old House

This is the beginning of what will be our new bathroom at our house in my hometown. The last of the dirty slat wood! Yes, it is a very OLD house. Actually, it was two buildings that were put together way back when and made into a house. It looks to have been a second … Continue reading

5 Yr Journal – July 4-10

July 4 Question? ______ is funny. Year 2012 Grocery shoppers, they stock up on a lot of junk food and a lot of alcohol, but it is fun. Year 2013 My boys are funny. They come up with the craziest things. It was a fun trip to Oberlin. July 5 Question? What is your motto? … Continue reading