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Our Very Old House

This is the beginning of what will be our new bathroom at our house in my hometown. The last of the dirty slat wood! Yes, it is a very OLD house. Actually, it was two buildings that were put together way back when and made into a house. It looks to have been a second hand store at one time.

This is what we found when we took the siding off to put new on. We have asked around but no one remembers it. It might just be that long ago. Interesting.


Back to the bathroom, the history of the bathroom has had many occupants before now.
First moved in:
Oldest son’s room (he was a toddler and didn’t sleep in it much) 🙂
An office
The daughter had it as her bedroom for years.
The two youngest boys shared it for awhile.
My dad’s room for about six months.
Lastly, a computer and art room.

It’s final purpose will be our wonderful big bathroom. I bet it takes a good year to get done. I am just glad we don’t have to live in it while we are working on it like all the other remodels. A short weekend will be just enough time and then high tail it out of there back to where we currently live. It has definitely been an interesting challenge. Hubby and I call it “An Adventure”! 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

6 thoughts on “Our Very Old House

  1. I love old houses. There is still slat wood behind some of our walls.

    If you don’t mind, fill me in on the house business. You moved recently? From quite a distance? Into this house in the picture? And your remodeling is done now, yes? Or have you been in this house for quite a long while, and this was just the last of the remodeling?


    1. This house is in my hometown. I bought it before I met the hubby. Very old house and probably wasn’t my smartest move, but not a lot of choices in a small town when you are a single mom of two at the time. 🙂 As things began to fall apart, we began to fix, only not one room is completely done. OOps. I need to gather all my photos and put the old with the current, just hadn’t done it yet. My husband has done all the work. We had to move to Ft. Riley/Junction City last August because my hubby went active duty for the Army. He had just got back from his 3rd deployment and there was an opportunity to finish his 20 active years and retire so we took it. He has actually been in for 34 years, 14 active in the Navy(before me), and then the rest was reserve time. We have been married 12 years and I believe he moved over to the army in 2004. We go back on a occasional weekend and fix more things. Long term plan, is to completely retire there when we are old. 🙂 It is only 4 hours away from here so not too bad of a drive. I grew up there and graduated from there. We do like Junction City and plan to stay here even after he retires probably until we completely retire. This will give us a chance to finish the house without having to live in it! 🙂 Sucks to live in a complete remodel. So messy and stressful. We will most likely buy a house here and then later years if one of the kids don’t want to stay in it, we will rent it out for income. We all know how life changes.


      1. Wow, very cool. Yes, it’s nice to remodel and not live in the mess. It’s also nice you have options of where to live when it’s finished. … Be sure to thank you husband for his service from me and all of my family. We appreciate those in the service very much.


      2. Yes, it is good to have options. Thank you. I will thank him. 🙂 He retires in Feb and I think he is getting a little freaked. He has always known the military. His dad is retired Army.


    1. Thanks. It is. It has been going on for the last 12 years. lol. I am going to find all my old pictures and do a comparison before too long. It does look better than it did, just can’t wait until something is actually completely finished! lol


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