Journal Time…July 18-24

Lake fun July 7th 2013 049
(Taken at Milford Lake close to our current home.)

July 18
Question? What are the ingredients for a perfect day?
Year 2012
Positive thoughts. Sunshine. Happy mood. Good self esteem. Full tummy. Pepsi. Someone to socialize with.

Year 2013
Sunshine. Family. Friends. Chocolate. Pepsi. Water. Warm. Laughs. Fun.

I like how sunshine and Pepsi stays on the list! 🙂

July 19
Question? What do you need to throw away?
Year 2012
Negative thoughts. Bad memories. Clutter in the brain as well as the home. Bad debts.

Year 2013
I need to go through all my storage boxes and throw out stuff I shouldn’t keep hanging onto. A bit of a hoarder.

I can tell I am in a happier place this year compared to last. It was about emotions before.

July 20
Question? Does anything hurt today?
Year 2012
Yes, tremendously. All my dad’s friends are here for his burial. I miss him. Hate that he had to suffer.

Year 2013
Nope. It’s been a good year so far. I am also being more positive. No room for negatives.

It has definitely been a better year.

July 21
Question? Who was the last person to make you angry?
Year 2012
Myself. I put off too many things. It comes back to bite me.

Year 2013
Not one person but a whole group, the Media. I hate when they glorify the ugly and try to make something to be what it is not. I couldn’t be a reporter. Once upon a time I wanted to be one.

I am more at peace with myself this year. Not as much putting off of stuff. Glad to be back writing and reading.

July 22
Question? Where do you go for good ideas?
Year 2012
All around. Read. Observe. Learn from bad ideas. Trial and error.

Year 2013
Internet. Books. TV. Observe people in public. Family. Friends. It is endless.

There are so many options for this.
(Pancakes I made. It never makes as many as the box says.)
July 23
Question? What was the last thing you baked or cooked?
Year 2012
Haven’t baked much been too hot of a summer. Been depressed also. Mac and cheese. Boys love it and hubby.

Year 2013
I made pancakes for the family on Sunday. Yum. Sausage too. Haven’t baked goodies cause its summer time.

My mood really plays a role in my cooking.

July 24
Question? What’s in your fridge?
Year 2012
Lots of condiments, eggs, milk, leftovers, cheese, orange juice, lunchmeat, cream cheese, coke, beer.

Year 2013
Grapes, cheese, lunchmeat, eggs, lettuce, apples, pickles, beer, pop, ketchup, mayo, mustard, dressings, cream cheese.

A few more healthy things, but basically the same. 🙂 Creature of habit.

One response to “Journal Time…July 18-24”

  1. It’s interesting hanging out with you this morning. It shines through loud and clear that you are so much happier this year. I’m really happy for you. Pepsi and sunshine … you should write a commercial – complete with artwork and a jingle. 😉


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