Journal…July 25-31 2013

July 25
Question? If you could hire any artist (living or dead) to paint your portrait, who would you pick?

Year 2012
Raphael, he would make me look beautiful. I love his paintings.
Year 2013
I did a search and found a UK artist, Kerry Regan. She does a beautiful job!
Below is an example of her work.
ashley-portrait by Kerry Regan
Her website is

July 26
Question? Are you working hard or hardly working?

Year 2012
Unemployed. Middle of moving to Ft.Riley/Junction City. So enjoying hubby home and the kids. A mix of working and not working. 🙂
Year 2013
In the middle. Writing, learning, and creating while chasing two boys and cleaning house. 🙂

July 27
Question? What can you smell right now?

Year 2012
Nothing. 🙂 Paper. Ink. My deodorant. 🙂
Year 2013
Fresh laundry towels out of the dryer! Warm, fluffy and smelling like spring flowers.

July 28
Question? Write a phrase to describe your year so far.

Year 2012
Very stressful and kinda lonely.
Year 2013
Pleasantly stress free and relaxing!

July 29
Question? What was the last road trip you took?

Year 2012
To Junction City looking for a place to live. Just hubby and I, was nice to be alone for a night. 🙂
Year 2013
Our camping trip to S.D. with family. Lots of fun!

July 30
Question? Today was unusual because….

Year 2012
It was busy. Lots to get done. We are actually moving. It is real.
Year 2013
I achieved several things I needed done! I tend to get distracted! 🙂

July 31
Question? Today were you a wallflower or social butterfly?

Year 2012
Wallflower. I really don’t socialize other than family. Need to change that.
Year 2013
Wallflower, but branching out to be a small social butterfly. Meeting more people. 🙂

thCAVBF3QO (Photo from

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