Journal…Aug 1 – 7

August 1
Question: Do you need a cold shower?
Year 2012
Nope. 🙂
Year 2013
Nope, weather has been ok, not too hot.
shower (Photo from

August 2
Question: Describe the room you’re in right now.
Year 2012
My bedroom. Oberlin. Blue. Calm. Warm. Cozy. Large.
Year 2013
Our cozy little bedroom/office. Tan walls and carpet. Small area with lots of things around it. One bulletin board and one poster. Need some artwork! 🙂

August 3
Question: What do you lie about?
Year 2012
My feelings at times. Just don’t want to talk about them out loud. Never have.
Year 2013
Feelings. Like what I am thinking. Don’t always want to spill the beans to anyone.

August 4
Question: When was the last time you were on an airplane?
Year 2012
I think 2004. Chicago trip with the college art club. It was fun.
Year 2013
It was 2004. Suppose to this coming weekend but it might be changed.
thCAYIR5I7 (Photo from

August 5
Question: Today you destroyed…..
Year 2012
A cup. Threw it away. Exciting…:)
Year 2013
I destroyed the laundry! Almost all done. A few towels left! Yes!

August 6
Question: Who are you?
Year 2012
A woman, middle age, happy, mom, and wife.
Year 2013
I am who I am and if people don’t like it than I’m not going to stress about it. I like me. 🙂

August 7
Question: What was your last great meal?
Year 2012
Eating at Cracker Barrel for the first time! Yummy.
Year 2013
Red Lobster on Mother’s Day! Love seafood! It was with the hubby, thanks to the daughter watching the two younger boys.

4 responses to “Journal…Aug 1 – 7”

  1. Haven’t had lobster for years, decades actually Think I’ll hint to my boys (all grown up now so they don’t need baby sitting and in fact can take their old mum out for a meal. Hanging out for next mother’s day.


  2. Yeah, that Red Lobster comment got my taste buds all perked up. We have a $25 gift certificate to Red Lobster, and I think we need to use it – soon!

    Did you take the flight? I hadn’t been on an airplane for nearly twenty years when I had to run the granddaughter back to Texas. I was pretty nervous at first, but we did just fine, and I actually enjoyed the day. I forgot how much I like airports and flying.


  3. Go eat some Red Lobster! Yum. No, we didn’t. It was for my daughter’s army reserve Yellow Ribbon conference and since she didn’t have to deploy we didn’t have to go to it. Which was a really great thing, because she doesn’t have to deploy. 🙂 Yay. I am very relieved by that. It was going to be Afghanistan. She just came back from a deployment the previous summer, so I wasn’t ready for her to leave again. She was half and half. She didn’t mind going because it is what she is committed to do, but she had just come back from one. No plane ride here. Hopefully, sometime in the future. I have flown twice. Once to Chicago for college art trip, was fabulous. The first time was to Hawaii! What a flight, with my daughter who was in 6th grade and my son was 3rd grade. I was lucky my daughter had flown several times with her grandma, so she knew what to do. lol…:) Hubby was deployed to Hawaii at that time, so we were able to go visit him for 10 days. Loved it. He had barracks that was like a small hotel room and we were able to stay with him. Our other two boys were way little and they stayed with a good friend and co-worker at the time.


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