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Photoshoppin Today

Original photo! If you click on the photo it will enlarge to see it better. My two youngest playing some flag football this last Monday night! I enjoy the game because it teaches them fundamentals and team building. It is short and sweet, game and season! 🙂 Let’s face it, just not ready to watch them … Continue reading

Journal Sept 5-11

Sept 5 Question? Today you learned ______ 2012 I learned all about writing. I began my research for writing articles and a novel. 2013 I should really stay with going to the YMCA. It makes me feel good and have more energy. I don’t feel “flubby”. 🙂 Sept. 6 Question? What was the last online … Continue reading

Journal Aug 29 – Sept 4

Aug 29 Question? What did you have for dinner? 2012 Sloppy joes. 2013 Mac & Cheese with hamburger in it. Hubby’s dish he loves to cook for us. It’s quick and easy and everyone will eat it. 🙂 (Photo Aug 30 Question? What’s your simplest pleasure? 2012 Reading a book. 2013 Reading. I’ll read … Continue reading

Journal Aug 22-28

Aug 22 Question? What can’t you forget? 2012 My dad’s suffering. Illness and loneliness. 2013 All my bad decisions. I am learning from them and that helps to deal with them. Aug 24 Question? Yes or no: everyone should have a backup plan. 2012 Yes. 2013 Yes, because life throws lots of curve balls and … Continue reading

Did you know…

(my personal photo creation 2bcreative2013) The first Friday of September is National Lazy Mom’s Day! Who knew? Not me until I did a search looking up September holidays. I was actually wanting to know the main holidays for a possible wall hanging project I want to do this month. I was surprised to find this … Continue reading

The Clock is Ticking

(Photo from Those Funny Days of The Month! Sept. 5th —- Be Late for Something Day Why be late for something on purpose? I think that is nuts! I must say it would have been me almost everyday at my old job. I was usually a few minutes late almost every day. Slap my … Continue reading