Posted in October 2013

A Shocking Halloween

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)  (photo credit to Ha-ha, what an exciting Halloween. I hope you have an exciting Halloween like me. This is how it started. This year I was on my way to the aquarium in my shark costume because they were having a party. So I walk in and … Continue reading

Popping Questions

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)  (photo credit to Ahh! What a disgusting drink. Aw the taste of water… Have you guys ever liked water so much. Well the real question is do you think Spring Valley should sell pop at our school, I don’t think so at least. I don’t think so … Continue reading

The Great White

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son) Living on our planet for millions of years, this creature has perfected survival in our oceans. With the amount of knowledge we know about Great Whites, Peter Benchley the author of JAWS, cannot make JAWS not in this formal reason. He regrets making it because people think that … Continue reading

Journal Sept 26-Oct 2

Sept. 26 Question? Today was amusing because____ 2012 Kids are funny. They make me laugh. 2013 The cats were being goofy. They were chasing each other and running into things. Lazy was pushing things off the end table. They are definitely entertaining and can put a smile on my face. (Photo from Sept. 27 … Continue reading

Big Apple Hunter

Review of Maddie Cochere’s novel Big Apple Hunter In Big Apple Hunter, Susan decides to go on a trip with her friend Darby to New York City. I love the character of Darby and his friendship with Susan. I admit at one point I was hoping for them to get together. But, as we know, … Continue reading

Journal Sept 19-25

Sept 19th Question? What’s a new place you’ve recently been to? 2012 Junction City. (Aug) 2013 It’s been uneventful lately. No traveling in the last few months. In July, we went to S.Dakota by the N.Dakota border. First time there. Sept 20th Question? What’s your favorite television show?  (Photo credit to 2012 So many. … Continue reading

Journal Sept 12-18th

Sept 12  (Photo credit to Question? What are you chasing at this moment? 2012 I am chasing the dream of being an accomplished writer. 2013 I am in the next step of becoming a writer, having my first novel published. 🙂 Sept 13 Question? Write down a minor, but chronic, problem. 2012 My weight. … Continue reading