A Shocking Halloween

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)

thCAO5CC31 (photo credit to Bing.com)

Ha-ha, what an exciting Halloween. I hope you have an exciting Halloween like me. This is how it started. This year I was on my way to the aquarium in my shark costume because they were having a party. So I walk in and I turned into a shark! I felt so disgusting! So people started to look at me and I was like “Haven’t you seen a Great White before?”

When I was on my way to go get a drink I needed water, I totally forgot fish need water. I was very confused. I tried to poor my drink on me, but it was just Fruit Punch. I didn’t know where to go. So I decided to jump in the tank of fish. It was empty, huh. So I swam around and I figured out why it was empty. All of a sudden a GIGANTIC Great White (Bigger than me) appeared out behind a coral! I started to fight back because he got in his stance position. Luckily my teacher Mr. Johnson had my class and I watch a shark movie. The other shark didn’t want to attack me for some reason. It was a little disturbing.

It was actually a she. She chased me around and around for about an hour. So everybody started to wonder where I was and started to look for a dude in a shark suit. Then they remembered that I had already came and I turned into a shark. So they all started to pile around the fish tank and take pictures. But I was like really people “I’m in a crisis here!” They threw a fish in to distract her but the fish failed and started to swim around too. So they threw in multiple fish and it worked! It was too crowded for her to keep up with me.

I got out and I was as happy as me eating SKITTLES! So they took me back outside and they put a BIG tank of water on me. So I started to dance right when one of my favorite songs came on. I was like Girl look at that shark! Ahhh! So I saw another shark. For your info it was a human dressed in a shark costume like me. I was like girl “I’ll take you to my famous fish restaurant.” But sadly she rejected me. What a FISHY day, I thought. Mwaha, have a happy Halloween.


I love it! What an imagination. 🙂

Yes, he does love skittles.

Popping Questions

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)

thCARGP3OC (photo credit to Bing.com)

Ahh! What a disgusting drink. Aw the taste of water… Have you guys ever liked water so much. Well the real question is do you think Spring Valley should sell pop at our school, I don’t think so at least. I don’t think so because if you do the teachers will have to tell the kids to be quiet more because they’re more hyper. ( I already talk a lot! Lol) Also if you let kids buy pop they’re gonna go home and their parents are gonna complain sense they just drank 3-6 pops which is surprising. It also isn’t that healthy for you, your parents are going to have to take you to the dentist and it’s gonna add up and cost a lot after a while. Plus soon or later you would have lost all of your teeth.

The teachers already get mad if you talk a lot. You’d lose your recess of course… If you talk too much what would be the point of buying it anyways. Plus if you hyper in the mornings you shouldn’t even get it cause you already have all your energy. You shouldn’t buy this for multiple reasons. It’ll give some of your teachers stress.

Also your teacher’s class would have children buying 3-6 pops a week or even a day! You would be getting a lot of complaint mail and you would have problems. The kid’s parents would be sending you their child’s dentist’s bills. You would be like I don’t have the money! There are just that many kids that would drink that much.

That’s my reason why you shouldn’t buy pops for school. True it would give kids the energy but they would be bouncing around like BOING BOING. I would like a pop every once and a while. But if you did limit or something. Plus some of your students would get annoyed by other crazy kids and they would disobey some of the rules.


I am happy to see he knows pop is bad for you. 🙂 He sees me drink one almost everyday. I definitely don’t allow them to have pop all the time. I encourage water and they do see me drink more water than pop. I am glad he understands.

I am finding his essays to be entertaining this year. I like seeing his thoughts. I think the Common Core is not all bad. It is just a change. If it encourages more writing, well heck, I am all for it. 🙂

The Great White

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)

Living on our planet for millions of years, this creature has perfected survival in our oceans.

With the amount of knowledge we know about Great Whites, Peter Benchley the author of JAWS, cannot make JAWS not in this formal reason. He regrets making it because people think that sharks must die but they shouldn’t, humans hate sharks just because they KILL someone, that’s because they don’t know what they are. The Great White takes a bite then leaves. If you see someone surfing and they get attacked that’s because from the bottom of the board they look like seals, which is their main food.

If there is a Great White shark right in front of you and you think it is going to eat you it won’t, it has a FREEZING smile to get water through its mouth so it can breathe that way. The water goes through their mouth and out their gills. A lot of humans cut off their fins for the infamous fin soup, after they cut their fins off they throw them back in the water and they sit there and die sense they cannot swim.

A great white has 6 senses. They are smell, hearing, touch, taste, sight and electro magnetism! They could hear a pack of seals 2 miles away from where they are. There are over almost 500 sharks in the entire World. Many people are finding more sharks by each year. You can find 20 sharks that we know of those that ATTACK humans. The Great White doesn’t. People think that the Whites go into feeding frenzies, they don’t they are calm sharks.


This is my son’s study on Great Whites and what he believes from the information he read and heard. When I asked him about this, he was very passionate and was really interested in it.  I don’t know if this is all true or just his understanding of the information. I found it interesting.

I see his writing is getting better every year. I see some errors, but I think in time they will improve.


I think I will still stay away from sharks though. 🙂

Is it possible the movie ruined it for the Great White? 🙂

Journal Sept 26-Oct 2

Sept. 26

Question? Today was amusing because____


Kids are funny. They make me laugh.


The cats were being goofy. They were chasing each other and running into things. Lazy was pushing things off the end table. They are definitely entertaining and can put a smile on my face.

funny-cat-wallpapers-7(Photo from Bing.com)

Sept. 27

Question? Do you handle rejection well?


I am getting better at it. I get teary eyed mostly and then depressed. I don’t throw a fit or anything.


I do for the most part. I try to not set myself up for rejection. I tend to tread the waters gently. 🙂

Sept. 28

Question? How hungry are you right now?


A little.


Starving but don’t know what I want to eat. Although a steak would be great! If I could have it grilled and a baked potato too! Oh, and don’t forget a piece of chocolate cake! 🙂 Yep, I’m hungry.

Eldorado steak dinner (Photo from Bing.com)

Sept 29

Question? Bad news: Sugarcoated or straight-up?


Straight-up. Might as well get it over with.


Always straight-up. Sugarcoating just makes it worse when the whole news is told eventually.

Sept. 30

Question? How do you get out of a rut?




I usually read. It makes me forget the rut. It is like a new look on things after my spirit is lifted.

Oct 1

Question? What are you a geek about?


Books and studying. I like to study.


Books. I don’t go out as much anymore either. I love watching TV, especially movies.

Oct 2

Question? What do you crave?




Finishing what I start. Achieving dreams. I really crave being a good mom.

Big Apple Hunter

Review of Maddie Cochere’s novel Big Apple Hunter

In Big Apple Hunter, Susan decides to go on a trip with her friend Darby to New York City. I love the character of Darby and his friendship with Susan. I admit at one point I was hoping for them to get together. But, as we know, well…you must read the first book, Sunshine Hunter, to find out what makes their friendship just friends.

portada-facebook_every_girl_needs_a_boy_bestfriend_ENG (Photo credit to Bing.com)

I think setting one of the scenes in New York made the story line even more exciting and adventurous. I so loved the bus tour of men. Who wouldn’t want to tour with a bunch of hot guys?

hot_guys( Photo credit to Bing.com) This is what I was picturing when I read about bus full of guys. 🙂 hee hee

I liked the mystery of the bad guys. It kept me guessing what their angle was clear through the book. There was enough mystery to keep me reading and wanting to know the answer.

The ongoing turmoil with her boyfriend makes me wonder if they will last as a couple. I keep thinking maybe they can’t get past their previous relationship disasters. All of Susan’s encounters with available men adds to the question of whether they will stay together. I like that with each book you just don’t know.

All the characters are interesting and likeable. I had all kinds of ideas going through my head about what each character might end up doing throughout the book.  It keeps you assuming things to the end. I believe that is what makes a good book.

I loved the ending. 🙂 Just read it, no spoilers from me.

I love the author’s style, it is witty, adventurous, and easy to read. The characters are like everyday people with added adventures.  She leaves the ending at a point I am ready to read the next book. 🙂

I see with each book where her writing becomes better and better. I like being able to see her grow as a writer. I believe that is what is so interesting about self-published authors, you can see their writing develop with each book. Thank goodness for the internet.

Check out her blog! She has her own witty adventures that will make you smile. 🙂

Journal Sept 19-25

Sept 19th

Question? What’s a new place you’ve recently been to?


Junction City. (Aug)


It’s been uneventful lately. No traveling in the last few months. In July, we went to S.Dakota by the N.Dakota border. First time there.

Sept 20th

Question? What’s your favorite television show?

NCIS image (Photo credit to Bing.com)


So many. NCIS!


I really have a long list but it is still NCIS by far. I love the characters. They are fun. I will miss Ziva though.

Sept 21st

Question? Where do you think your road is going?


In a good path. I am going to succeed!


It’s going slowly but that’s ok. I’m not rushing and messing up. I believe it is good.

Sept 22nd

Question? What shocking news have you recently learned?




I don’t have any shocking news. I believe that is good though.

Sept 23rd

Question? Write down a quote for today.


Be True to Yourself!


Reach For The Stars!

Sept 24th

Question? When was the last time you went dancing?

thCAOPIQ14 (Photo credit to Bing.com)


Too long ago I have forgotten when it was!


I don’t know. I use to dance a lot. I do miss it. I was on my high school dance team. Always made me happy.

Sept 25th

Question? Do you plan, or are you flying by the seat of your pants?


I half plan and half fly.


There are certain things I plan and other things I do not. I don’t like to plan everything cause things happen and I don’t want to be disappointed.

Journal Sept 12-18th

Sept 12

thCAF7GXLR (Photo credit to Bing.com)

Question? What are you chasing at this moment?


I am chasing the dream of being an accomplished writer.


I am in the next step of becoming a writer, having my first novel published. 🙂

Sept 13

Question? Write down a minor, but chronic, problem.


My weight. I really need to lose about 50 lbs for me and for my health.


My weight is still an issue. It definitely is more difficult to lose weight when you are over 40. Sigh.

Sept 14

Question? Who can help you?


My family. They equal happiness.


Good question. 🙂 I know it begins with me helping me. 🙂

Sept 15

Question? Who are the most important people in your life?


My hubby and four terrific kids. 🙂


My hubby and four kiddos! Always and forever. Even when we argue.

Sept 16

carson (Photo credit to Bing.com)

Question? What would you want to study at school?


Architecture. I began when I graduated from high school but obstacles in life got in the way. They were more emotional than physical.


I would still like to finish my Architecture Degree. Someday. I might be 80 and never use it, but I want to finish it. I want that feeling of succeeding at it. Love Architecture. 🙂

Sept 17

Soft-Pretzel(Photo credit to Bing.com)

Question? What’s your favorite snack food?


Pretzels all the way! 🙂


Pretzels, chocolate, and that Gordetta Mix stuff! Yummmm. 😉

Sept 18

Question? A decision you made today _____


Be more organized. It will mean a happier and less stressful life. 🙂


I really need to dive into editing my novel. I need to quit with the excuses. I want it done so I can start on the next one. Writing them is way more fun. 🙂