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Did You Know Concrete Can Crack Your Skull?

I am going to begin with a sigh, sigh.

I was having a good week until my hubby called last night and said the oldest son cracked his skull doing a ridiculous thing. Whoa.

Hubby and 19-year-old son went to our hometown to work on our house that is there. The 19-year-old son decided to hang with his buddy like a normal kid would do. And like a normal kid he decided to test his skills at jumping the grade school railing! Or, is that normal?

I can only shake my head and repeat don’t panic!

I was glad hubby was there but this was the first time I wasn’t there for a family emergency.

I was totally lost.

I felt helpless.

I know he is old enough to take care of himself and accidents happen.

I just don’t like it. I mean who does?

First, he took a nice ride in the ambulance. They put lovely staples in. Took a few pretty pictures of him with the CT Scan.  He was sent on home with the hubby for the night. I was a bit surprised at that. Today he had to have another CT Scan. I think the scan is becoming his best buddy. They did see a small spot so to be safe they sent him for an MRI. Well, he had to have the staples removed and stitches put in for that. Ouch.

Results, he tore the tissue between his brain and skull or something like that. It sucks my own brain doesn’t quite understand what is being said, plus it is being relayed from my hubby.  Doc says his brain is ok. I think time will tell on that one.  He really must be hard-headed, but I am glad. The Doc says it could take a year to heal.


He isn’t suppose to do anything for the next few days. He says definitely no exercising for a few months. Needless to say he told his sister that he was going to go right back to exercising.

Double ugh!

I really hope he was out of it when he said that to her. I hope what is left of his common sense didn’t get completely knocked out on that concrete. 😦

Oh, and this is his third head injury since he was in grade school.

1. He was I believe second or third grade, not sure without looking at the medical records. He was riding his bike and he hit some gravel and away he went. He had a mild concussion. He stayed one night in the hospital. He checked out ok.

2. He was playing baseball in sixth grade and was running to catch the ball and he collided with the runner and bam they went down. Both were sent to the hospital. He didn’t have to stay that time. He had a mild concussion again. Once again it checked out ok.

3. Lucky number three! He did a doozy. He went to jump over a railing and it sent him hitting the concrete and splitting his skull. Ouch!

The first two, it happens.

This time, it was all him being ridiculous! I mean, why would you want to jump a railing? Shaking my head again. I love the little booger.

Behold the photo.

1378448_661409010544474_1989154931_n I am still shaking my head. I just hope he doesn’t end up with any side effects. I read up on it and a few things can happen and cause him further problems. I hope not. I really hope he has learned.

Here is another photo, which actually cracks me up, which I shouldn’t. Goes to show doesn’t matter how hurt he is, he will still SnapChat. Shaking my head again.



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2 thoughts on “Did You Know Concrete Can Crack Your Skull?

  1. Julia, that snap chat photo (what is snap chat?) explains it all. 🙂 Parenting is love them yet wanting to box their ears at the same time. I don’t think it ever goes away. I’d offer you my sympathies but I have two sons of my own.


  2. I hear you. Snap Chat is a quick photo that you send to your fellow snap people. After 10 seconds, or you can set it lower than that, it is gone! It is for fun. I Snap with my kids and hubby. We get some goofy things at times. 🙂


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