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Journal Sept 12-18th

Sept 12

thCAF7GXLR (Photo credit to

Question? What are you chasing at this moment?


I am chasing the dream of being an accomplished writer.


I am in the next step of becoming a writer, having my first novel published. 🙂

Sept 13

Question? Write down a minor, but chronic, problem.


My weight. I really need to lose about 50 lbs for me and for my health.


My weight is still an issue. It definitely is more difficult to lose weight when you are over 40. Sigh.

Sept 14

Question? Who can help you?


My family. They equal happiness.


Good question. 🙂 I know it begins with me helping me. 🙂

Sept 15

Question? Who are the most important people in your life?


My hubby and four terrific kids. 🙂


My hubby and four kiddos! Always and forever. Even when we argue.

Sept 16

carson (Photo credit to

Question? What would you want to study at school?


Architecture. I began when I graduated from high school but obstacles in life got in the way. They were more emotional than physical.


I would still like to finish my Architecture Degree. Someday. I might be 80 and never use it, but I want to finish it. I want that feeling of succeeding at it. Love Architecture. 🙂

Sept 17

Soft-Pretzel(Photo credit to

Question? What’s your favorite snack food?


Pretzels all the way! 🙂


Pretzels, chocolate, and that Gordetta Mix stuff! Yummmm. 😉

Sept 18

Question? A decision you made today _____


Be more organized. It will mean a happier and less stressful life. 🙂


I really need to dive into editing my novel. I need to quit with the excuses. I want it done so I can start on the next one. Writing them is way more fun. 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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