Journal Sept 26-Oct 2

Sept. 26

Question? Today was amusing because____


Kids are funny. They make me laugh.


The cats were being goofy. They were chasing each other and running into things. Lazy was pushing things off the end table. They are definitely entertaining and can put a smile on my face.

funny-cat-wallpapers-7(Photo from

Sept. 27

Question? Do you handle rejection well?


I am getting better at it. I get teary eyed mostly and then depressed. I don’t throw a fit or anything.


I do for the most part. I try to not set myself up for rejection. I tend to tread the waters gently. 🙂

Sept. 28

Question? How hungry are you right now?


A little.


Starving but don’t know what I want to eat. Although a steak would be great! If I could have it grilled and a baked potato too! Oh, and don’t forget a piece of chocolate cake! 🙂 Yep, I’m hungry.

Eldorado steak dinner (Photo from

Sept 29

Question? Bad news: Sugarcoated or straight-up?


Straight-up. Might as well get it over with.


Always straight-up. Sugarcoating just makes it worse when the whole news is told eventually.

Sept. 30

Question? How do you get out of a rut?




I usually read. It makes me forget the rut. It is like a new look on things after my spirit is lifted.

Oct 1

Question? What are you a geek about?


Books and studying. I like to study.


Books. I don’t go out as much anymore either. I love watching TV, especially movies.

Oct 2

Question? What do you crave?




Finishing what I start. Achieving dreams. I really crave being a good mom.

3 responses to “Journal Sept 26-Oct 2”

  1. I know. I am just too predictable. 🙂 Yes, they are. I like dogs too. I didn’t grow up with any pets after the age of 6 so might be why we have several. We have two hamsters also thanks to the oldest child giving her two younger brothers them for Christmas last year. The cats love them. lol. It is entertaining as well.


  2. I was going to college online for Graphic Design, but it became expensive. I love reading articles on writing and design, never ending. I have an online video learning course I subscribe to for all my graphic software. I am really behind on that since writing. I have some craft online video courses that I look at as well. I do a little here and there in between editing that first novel I wrote in April. I was on a roll this last month but then my daughter had hip surgery and now I am behind again. That is ok, she is doing well, and hopefully her hip won’t hurt anymore, and we spent some much needed quality time together. 🙂 I will save you a baked potato! 🙂


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