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A Shocking Halloween

By Adric Ray (my 5th grade son)

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Ha-ha, what an exciting Halloween. I hope you have an exciting Halloween like me. This is how it started. This year I was on my way to the aquarium in my shark costume because they were having a party. So I walk in and I turned into a shark! I felt so disgusting! So people started to look at me and I was like “Haven’t you seen a Great White before?”

When I was on my way to go get a drink I needed water, I totally forgot fish need water. I was very confused. I tried to poor my drink on me, but it was just Fruit Punch. I didn’t know where to go. So I decided to jump in the tank of fish. It was empty, huh. So I swam around and I figured out why it was empty. All of a sudden a GIGANTIC Great White (Bigger than me) appeared out behind a coral! I started to fight back because he got in his stance position. Luckily my teacher Mr. Johnson had my class and I watch a shark movie. The other shark didn’t want to attack me for some reason. It was a little disturbing.

It was actually a she. She chased me around and around for about an hour. So everybody started to wonder where I was and started to look for a dude in a shark suit. Then they remembered that I had already came and I turned into a shark. So they all started to pile around the fish tank and take pictures. But I was like really people “I’m in a crisis here!” They threw a fish in to distract her but the fish failed and started to swim around too. So they threw in multiple fish and it worked! It was too crowded for her to keep up with me.

I got out and I was as happy as me eating SKITTLES! So they took me back outside and they put a BIG tank of water on me. So I started to dance right when one of my favorite songs came on. I was like Girl look at that shark! Ahhh! So I saw another shark. For your info it was a human dressed in a shark costume like me. I was like girl “I’ll take you to my famous fish restaurant.” But sadly she rejected me. What a FISHY day, I thought. Mwaha, have a happy Halloween.


I love it! What an imagination. 🙂

Yes, he does love skittles.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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