Posted in November 2013

Journal Oct 10-16

Oct 10th Question? Write down the name of someone you had a good conversation with recently. 2012 Hubby. 2013 Farra, my daughter. We talk a lot more now. Our relationship is good. My daughter is my best friend.  (photo credit to Oct 11th Question? What makes you feel wonderful? 2012 Hot showers. 2013 A … Continue reading

Journal Oct 3-9

Oct 3rd Question? What was the last bad movie you watched? 2012 Luckily, I have not watched a bad one. I haven’t watched too many this year with the hubby being deployed. 2013 It was some Earth movie. I forget the title even. Poor story line and acting. I couldn’t even watch 15 mins. of … Continue reading

Gobble Till You Wobble

The first stage, fine marker. I saw this saying on good ole Pinterest. Love that site. I did mostly Halloween projects last year, it was fun to do these Thanksgiving ones. It seems Thanksgiving tends to be left alone. I love the holiday. I miss the big holiday dinners that we had when I was … Continue reading

Turkey Dance

My dancing turkey art for Thanksgiving. I don’t have a lot of Thanksgiving art to hang, decided to make my own. This is the drawing with fine marker. The next stage, coloring with watercolor pencils. I am still learning the technique and enjoy the outcome. The stage of adding water. I think it turned out … Continue reading

It was a Monday…

 (photo credit to I decided to head back home from my daughter’s on Monday and ended up with a broken car on the interstate. I can be thankful I was able to coast to the side and for cellphones for calling my hubby. I must be listening to hubby when he talks to people … Continue reading