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Journal Oct 3-9

Oct 3rd

Question? What was the last bad movie you watched?


Luckily, I have not watched a bad one. I haven’t watched too many this year with the hubby being deployed.


It was some Earth movie. I forget the title even. Poor story line and acting. I couldn’t even watch 15 mins. of it. We rarely not watch all the way through.
Anniversary Flowers 2013 005 My beautiful anniversary flowers from hubby this year. 🙂

Oct 4th

Question? In three words, describe your love life.


Happy. Love him. No time for one on one anymore though.


Friend. Love. Happy.

Oct 5th

Question? What question makes you anxious?


Will my kids succeed?


Will I accomplish what I want before I’m too old to.

Oct 6th

Question? Do you have any new friends?


No one close but casual. Deb and Heather.


A couple new ones. Beth and Jennifer.

Oct. 7th

Question? Are you happy with your choices today?


Yes. I can’t sulk about it. What’s done is done. Learn.


I should have got up and made breakfast. It would get me moving. So not really happy with it today.

Oct 8th

Question? What is your biggest dream?


To be a famous writer. I would like people to admire me and family proud of me.


I want to live a happy and healthy life. I want a family that is close and spends time together.

Oct 9th

Question? You want a new _____


Car. 🙂


House. I already have an old one. It would be nice to have one without problems and stress.

460852_10150912197852483_1370307956_o My very old house. 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

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