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Journal Dec. 12-18

 ( photo credit) Dec. 12th Question? What’s on your wish list? 2012 A published novel written by me. 🙂 2013 A happy and healthy family. Dec. 13th Question? What is your biggest regret? 2012 My biggest one is wrong financial choices in my younger years. 2013 I should have stayed writing after high school. I … Continue reading

Journal Dec. 5-11

( photo credit) Dec. 5th Question? Who do you miss? 2012 My grandparents and my dad. 2013 Luckily, haven’t lost anyone this year. I still miss my grandparents and my dad. 😦 Dec. 6th ( photo credit) Question? Today you gained ______ 2012 I read and gained more knowledge. Love learning. 🙂 2013 I gained … Continue reading

Journal Nov 28-Dec 5

 ( photo credit) Nov. 28th Question? What was the last risk you took? 2012 Quit my job of seventeen years and became a stay at home mom. Scary. 2013 I began sharing my blog posts. I don’t mind sharing with strangers but it freaks me out to share with people I know. Weird, huh? ( … Continue reading

Merry Christmas to All!

From our house to yours! 🙂 May the day bring family, friends, and special memories. I appreciate everyone of you who takes the time to read my ramblings. I have always enjoyed writing and thanks to blogs I can do just that. I also enjoy reading all of yours. It brightens my day and makes … Continue reading

It’s All Ours…Puzzle Castle!

 Our home back home. 🙂 We paid off our mortgage last week! It is officially all ours. What a great feeling. 🙂 It is a very old house with many issues but they are slowly being dealt with. We were living there full time until last year when hubby went active duty for the Army … Continue reading

Pen to Paper

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Credit: It’s hard to remember the last time I wrote anything longer than a grocery list by hand — excepting my Christmas list that is! With all of the gadgets modern day life has allotted us, it’s a rarity to actually put pen to paper. But,…

Journal Nov 21-27

(credit to images) Nov 21 Question? What are your favorite shoes? 2012 Green tennis shoes. They are bright! 🙂 2013 I love my tennis shoes. I have been wearing my “high” tops as we called them in school. I can slip them right on without tying them. A trick I learned from the kids. … Continue reading

Journal Nov 14-20

 (credit to images) Nov. 14 Question? What do you need to vent about? 2012 Family ties. 2013 It’s too COLD out! 😉 I’m a warmer weather person. It needs to stay at least above 40 degrees and no wind or ice. 🙂 I like a nice snow just not freezing temps. Nov. 15 Question? … Continue reading

Dec 7, 1941…

A day that will live infamy…. I want to thank all those that served during that horrible attack and remember those that lost their lives. I was blessed to be able to see this Memorial in 2003 with my two older kids, Farra and Shay. We went to go see my hubby who was currently stationed … Continue reading

Journal Nov 7-13

(credit to images) Nov. 7th Question? Who is your hero? 2012 I’m not sure. 2013 I have never really had a hero. I think everyone in my life offers something good for me. They are all heroes. Nov 8th Question? What topic are you bored talking about? 2012 Money. Depressing. 2013 I actually find … Continue reading