Journal Oct 17-23


Oct 17th

Question? What’s the most valuable thing you own?


My wedding ring cause the hubby gave it to me.


All the jewelry hubby gives me. He loves giving jewelry. I love receiving it because it is from him. 🙂

Oct 18th

Question? What famous living person would you want to meet for drinks?


Jackie Collins.


Jackie Collins. She sounds and looks interesting. I bet a conversation with her would be mind blowing. lol  🙂

Oct 19th

Question? What was your last credit card purchase?


My business website.


Adric wanted to buy a book. Yay! He gave me the cash and I purchased it. Proud mom. He likes to read.

smile book(credit to images)

Oct 20th

Question? Who do you count on?




My hubby and kids. I want us all to be there for each other. Our other family is not close so our immediate family needs to be. We need to rebuild and install that family closeness.

Oct 21st

Question? What new word have you learned?


None. Nadda. Zilch.


None that I can think of. I better work on that.

Oct 22nd

Question? Write a haiku about your day. (5 syllables.7 syllables.5syllables)


Right. lol 🙂


I’m terrible at those. I think I will pass. Maybe next year. 🙂

Oct 23rd.

Question? Who is the last person in your missed calls?


Shay, my oldest son.


It was some 800 #. I give up on answering those. They are usually selling something or scamming. I’m on a budget! I don’t need anything I can not see first. 🙂

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