Journal Nov 21-27

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Nov 21

Question? What are your favorite shoes?


Green tennis shoes. They are bright! 🙂


I love my tennis shoes. I have been wearing my “high” tops as we called them in school. I can slip them right on without tying them. A trick I learned from the kids. 🙂

Nov 22

Question? What are you trying to do?


Be nice to people. I am working on organizing every part of my daily life.


I am trying to get up the ambition to really clean my place. It is picked up but needs a good scrubbing. So….I guess I’ll go read a book. 🙂

Nov 23

Question? What is your favorite brunch food?


A hamburger and fries. Love fast food even though it is bad for you. Moderation, right. 🙂


I eat hot dogs here and there. I like ketchup and cheese on mine. 🙂 Sandwiches are good. A salad once in awhile. I like too many things to name just one. 🙂

Nov 24

Question? Who have you recently deleted from your contacts/address book?


I really try to not delete anyone. It is normally them deleting me.


No one. I know others delete me and I don’t understand why. I’m harmless and a positive person. It is usually people I went to school with. I guess it is still a popularity contest or something. It is ok. I like me and that is what matters most. 🙂

Nov 25

waterbottle(credit to images)

Question? How much water did you drink today?


One 16oz. bottle of water. I’m drinking more than I did a year ago. 🙂


I average 2-16oz bottles usually. I did drink my 2 today! 🙂 Yay. I try to push more but doesn’t always happen. I’m gaining though!

Nov 26

Question? What three words describe your family?


Loving, Fun, Happy


Huggy, Happy, Warm

Nov 27

Question? Who inspires you?


The hubby and kids. They believe in me and that helps a lot.


Everyday happenings. I like the positive stories. It sparks the writing! 🙂

4 responses to “Journal Nov 21-27”

    • You are good person! I like to follow anyone who follows me. 🙂 If they like a post of mine then I go look at their blog and read several writings. The reader doesn’t always show all the ones I follow. I even a few times went through all the ones I follow and read a blog. That took awhile…lol. I do appreciate and keep following.


  1. I like the green shoes! You are definitely a positive (and very nice!) person. 🙂 I slipped a package of hot dogs into my grocery cart today. We don’t eat them very often, but they’ll be a nice change for lunch this weekend. Good for you drinking more water. I’ve just started drinking water again. Once it got cold, I fell into too much hot cocoa.
    See you next time! 🙂


    • Thank you. I even have a purse to match! lol. Hot dogs are nice once in awhile, moderation, right. 🙂 I love hot cocoa as well. I made some the other day and thought I had the water on hot, mixed, took a drink, and blah! It was cold…not good. Had to nuke it in the microwave! My grandma always made it on the stove with milk and cocoa mix. I like the simple packages. 🙂 Stay warm over the weekend! 🙂


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