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Game On, I accept your challenge!

I finally convinced hubby to play Words With Friends. He became frustrated with Candy Crush so was a bit hesitant to start another. 🙂

It wasn’t long after he began Candy Crush that he was kicking my butt at it. After awhile he got to a level that he couldn’t get past and so uninstalled it.  Once in a blue moon I will try but still stuck on my level. Of course, a level way lower than him.

At least with Words it should be an even challenge. 🙂 I may end up biting those words.

I’ve had fun playing these games on Facebook just because I can play with family and friends that live far away. My kids enjoy it. I know these are games that are less violent than their video consoles so they get a break from those. I don’t play as often anymore like I did in the beginning.

I was one of those Farmville freaks.

Go ahead and laugh. Now I’m sure my farm has disappeared as I haven’t logged in for over a year or more.

I do pay attention to not send game stuff to those who don’t want it. I usually hide everything so it doesn’t fill up the news feeds. I chuckle when someone puts a status of don’t send me game requests. There are many ways of ignoring requests without getting upset. I imagine it is because the notification goes to their phone and blows up their phone. I just turn those off.

My new addiction is words even though I disappeared from it over the holidays. Its a fun challenge that you can spend a minute on or a lot. It keeps your brain active. Who knows I might learn a new and exciting word for my novel.

Game on hubby! I accept the challenge. 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

5 thoughts on “Game On, I accept your challenge!

  1. I read this when you first posted, but I was dashing off somewhere and couldn’t comment. I think that’s fantastic that your husband will play word games with you. I love word games. A few friends tried to talk me into Words with Friends, but I knew I’d be addicted in no time, so I passed. I might know this but don’t remember – are you a Scrabble player, too?


      1. I’m impressed with all you do. Time for family, reading, writing, cooking, cleaning.. You’ve found a good balance in your life. The three of us just pass each other and talk fast as we go by. 🙂 As for Scrabble, I grew up playing it, too. It makes me sad these guys don’t like word games.


      2. Thanks, but my balance is still being worked out. I just don’t rush anymore mainly because I am not working right now. Soon I will be though. Hubby retires from Army end of Feb so must resume a job. I am ready to again. I am happy I could have the last two years to be home, a nice vacation. lol We just got back into board games and such. It is nice.


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