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Be Still My Beating Heart.

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My cell phone rang this morning, which is pretty unusual. No one calls me, really, no one. I glanced at the number it was an in state one, so thinking, I better answer it.

This morning my son Jessup was trying to get out of going to school and thought maybe it was the school calling saying his “cold” got worse. He was not liking that younger brother had no school and thought it only fair that he could stay home as well.

Sniff sniff this morning. I said no and took him to school. 🙂

Well, the number ended up being a lady from the IRS!

My mouth dropped and I about fell off the chair. My heart started beating fast and I really wanted to hang up but thought I better not. She went on to tell me that my business was being audited for the last three years and if I got the paperwork in December. I said no, that goes to our permanent address and during the winter we shut the water off and don’t go back until spring. I said we are military and live on the other side of the state currently. She replied oh, ok. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? No, I guess if I did, I probably shouldn’t say so. 🙂 She asked a few questions, I must of gave the right answers, and she said this will take care of it.

Wow, I had always heard horror stories. My business is small so maybe that helps. 🙂

My first audit ever. I have had the business since 2002 so I think that is pretty good odds of not being audited until now. 🙂 Even if, it would have been more intense, I have everything documented and don’t take off any expenses that don’t need to. Plus, I know there are other things I can take off but I don’t because I am not sure about them and I like to keep it simple and honest. 🙂

Originally, the business was a computer repair and graphic design business. As things changed over the years it dwindled down. Last year there was no business but I kept the license and will change it over to my writing and art this year.

It was a blank slate for taxes this tax year. No sales and no expenses were taken off. Depending on if we stay here I will then change the address but until we know for sure the business remains at home. 🙂

But boy, it had my heart going. She really was a nice person. Hopefully, if ever a next time, the person will be nice too. Don’t know about those odds.

Have you had any dealings with the IRS?


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

13 thoughts on “Be Still My Beating Heart.

    1. I’m glad you can’t relate to IRS. 🙂 I am tough about the kids going to school. It is just a cold, no fever. If one starts now saying yes than they will want to stay home for anything. 🙂


  1. Oh dear,that’s a scam!!!! tThe IRS never calls and ask you questions by phone or on the Internet!!! I hope you didn’t give her too much information.


    1. No, she didn’t ask any personal questions. There isn’t much the person can do with what was asked. I’d be impressed if she could. Good point. 🙂 I shall remember that though. Those that call like that I don’t answer, look the number up, usually indicates lots of spam from it, or answer and hang up. Sometimes I let them go through the whole spill and then hang up. 😉


      1. He always does that. 🙂 I am glad you reminded me of those things. I usually don’t answer unknown calls, don’t get many either. 🙂 A good thing. I guess the most they could do is go into our house, but trust me, not in working order and nothing to steal. LOL


  2. I’ve had to deal with our state tax department. Once, I forgot to file my Use Tax and they dinged me with a $50 fee. And I didn’t even owe any money! Two other times, I needed help, and both times, the people I talked with were really nice and helpful.

    I’ve had an accountant for years, and I file quarterly. If I’m ever audited, he’s going with me to do some ‘splainin’. Glad it went easy for you.


    1. I ran into an issue like that once. I forgot to pay on time and had I think 50.00 in sales and the state of Kansas socked me with a fine of 3000.00 ! I got on the phone with them and luckily they removed it after I paid, but I see it on my credit report. 😦 Few more years and it will be off. Doesn’t pay to forget huh. 🙂 The more I think about it, even though she said IRS, the number came out of Topeka. I think maybe it was them. Cause the questions were about sales tax. They probably saw a big drop in sales and that’s why they sent the audit to make sure I wasn’t forgetting. I will keep my eye out though. I see no bad remarks on the number and it is a landline. Just glad I didn’t give any personal stuff just in case. 🙂


      1. Sales tax – you’re right – it probably was at the state level. Still good you didn’t give out anything personal.

        A fine of $3,000! Yikes! I would have had a heart attack before I could have dialed the number to call them. I have no idea what’s on our credit report. Too afraid to look. 😉


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