Time Flies!

All 4 Kids Fall

A photo I took in the Fall of 2003. My kiddos.

I have been editing this photo today to upload it to a site that will put it on a canvas. My daughter gave me the gift a year ago for Mother’s Day. Yes, the procrastination in me showing through. 🙂 I wasn’t sure at first what picture I was going to do. I took the year to think, yes, that is the reason for the procrastination. 🙂 (It sounds good.)

I went to upload and they suggest a bigger size. I will have to play some more in Photoshop. I do like how it turned out. I tried and tried that day to get them to all look at me and they never did. 🙂 I ended up with a couple photos with different expressions. I took this with an old 35mm film camera because I didn’t own a digital at that time. It was a cheap and simple camera. This is scanned in from a photograph. 🙂

I am glad digital camera’s were invented. I still have about six rolls of film to develop from back then. I have already developed over fifteen rolls. They have turned out well, other than my terrible photo taking skills. I kept them in a box in a drawer so they were not exposed to heat or light over the years.

I love when I get them back in the mail. It’s a good thing I know the year of the surroundings otherwise I would have no idea what year they were. 🙂

Funny when you can label your years by what home remodeling project was going on. 🙂

I have a whole tub of photos that need slapped in a photo album. I haven’t even begun to print off all the digital photos. It will keep me busy. I will always have something to do on those boring days.  🙂

I really should get them done before the two older kids start having their own families. 🙂

How do you keep your photos? Are they in a scrapbook or in a tub like mine? 🙂






  1. marymtf · April 7, 2014

    That was the loveliest thing to turn up on my reader ever. What gorgeous poppets. If you’d had digital at the time you might have dumped that one but I prefer unposed more natural photos.

    • 2bcreativeblog · April 7, 2014

      Thank you! I am finding that the silly ones are better also. I guess the posed ones are no longer the thing to do. 🙂

  2. Jackie Paulson LOVES BOOKS · April 12, 2014

    Thanks for stopping at my blog today. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your blog, because I know I do.

    • 2bcreativeblog · April 15, 2014

      Thank you. 🙂 Yes, I do enjoy doing the blog. I really like checking out other blogs. 🙂

  3. rami ungar the writer · April 17, 2014

    You’ve been nominated for an award. Head on over to my blog for details.

  4. Maddie Cochere · April 25, 2014

    That’s a really cute picture. Lots of happiness showing there. I have quite a few pictures of our granddaughter on our computer, but pictures of our son are hard copies and thrown into a shoe box. The old Polaroids are falling apart. I really should scan them before they disintegrate completely.

    • 2bcreativeblog · April 27, 2014

      Thank you. 🙂 Mine are in a plastic tub.

      It’s just one of those things we want to do but can’t bring ourselves to do. 🙂

  5. fashionassist · April 27, 2014

    Loose photos and half finished photo albums from years gone by are some of my prized treasures too…
    like you, I could fill my days trying to complete them all but somehow I think unfinished is how they’ll remain 🙁
    Such a lovely picture of your children and what a precious keepsake!!~

    • 2bcreativeblog · April 27, 2014

      Thank you. I am beginning to wonder if mine will stay in the tub as well. 🙂

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