Posted in May 2014

Flower Explosion

I decided to learn more about my Illustrator program so I signed up for Skillshare. I love the mini classes. What would we do without videos these days? The first class I took was Digital Illustration: Doodles to Designs by Jon Burgerman.   First the teacher had us draw doodles. The first one was doodle with your eyes closed! … Continue reading

Why Does A Watermelon Float?

 My youngest son, Adric and his watermelon project. It is that time of year when the kids come home and say science project! I cringe. I love science but I hate explaining the whys. I love the ending project where he gets to decorate the board. It takes everything I have to NOT do it … Continue reading

Thank You Rami!

A fellow blogger nominated me for the Leibster Award! Thank you so much Rami! I am enjoying your blog! 1. Write 11 random facts about myself. 2. Answer 11 questions Rami came up for me. 3. Nominate 11 bloggers (if I can think of that many). 4. Come up with 11 questions for my nominees. Random … Continue reading

Rip It Up…Again!

 Kitchen at the Puzzle House. Our weekend was spent demolishing our kitchen, again. I do believe this is the third time we have removed the cabinets. This should be the last time for several decades, I hope. 🙂 When I moved into this house it had a very small kitchen. I love the size of … Continue reading

Living with Allergens

Originally posted on Lights, Camera, Action:
Above is a picture of my environmental allergy test results. On April 21st, 2014, I was a bit shocked to learn just how bad my allergies were. Let me give you a little background information for starters. I have had allergies since as long as I can remember. I…