Why Does A Watermelon Float?

Science Adric 2014 001 My youngest son, Adric and his watermelon project.

It is that time of year when the kids come home and say science project!

I cringe.

I love science but I hate explaining the whys. I love the ending project where he gets to decorate the board. It takes everything I have to NOT do it for him. I cringe with each crooked writing. I think this comes from when I was a kid.

My grandma would help me with my school projects. She would actually get a ruler and use a pencil to draw a line that I would have to print my lettering on. It had to be perfect. I didn’t get it back then, but I do now.

I did almost get out that ruler and pencil tonight though. I really wanted to but I kept thinking will the teacher be upset and think he had no part in the project.

Luckily, my teachers never thought that and I always received awesome reviews and great grades on my projects.

Adric did a really good job. There is only a slight slant in his writing for the data part. We did print out the long writing with the computer and then he cut it with my fancy scissors. The only part I helped with was the actual project.

A knife was involved and I don’t think a fifth grader needed to use one. 🙂

Science Adric 2014 008

He was dangerous enough with the giant fork.

Science Adric 2014 004

I kept telling him watch the other fingers, no need to go to the hospital tonight. 🙂 The look was in his eyes to stab that watermelon recklessly.

No mishaps thank goodness.

In conclusion, the watermelon floats because it is air tight. Something to do with density and etc etc. I told you I don’t like explain.

It took us cutting the rind off for any of the watermelon to actually sink and even then it floated a little bit.

Science Adric 2014 011 Still floats

Science Adric 2014 012 Cut off the rind and in pieces, finally sank a bit.

It was fun doing the project with my son.

Good memories. 🙂

And now we have watermelon!

And it is already clean! 🙂



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