Posted in June 2014

Journal June 8-14

  Time to journal post again. 🙂 Took a break for a few months. June 8 Question? What makes you miserable? 2012 When my family does not appreciate what I do for them. It may be little things but a nice thanks would be appreciated and not a sarcastic one either. 😉 2013 No entry. … Continue reading

June Brings New Shows!

I’ve got my sticky notes taped up for the new shows during the summer! I remember growing up they did not do this. Once the season was over in May the shows were random during the summer time. Or could it be I was outside more so I do not remember. Anyway, it sure does … Continue reading

Meet the New Roomie!

 Here is Buddy! 🙂 My hubby found this cute little guy on a truck stop parking lot. He was afraid he would get ran over so he became our pet. He was hubby’s buddy for a week or so until he came home. The kids love him and so do the cats!  Lazy is very curious … Continue reading