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My Current Read


I discovered this author a few years ago when I went to the library. I love her writing. Simple, fun, and mysterious. She has wrote a ton of books. It will take me forever to read them all because I like to mix up my authors since there are many good ones.

This year I am going to read both ebooks and the good ole hand around the book. Last year I read mostly ebooks because there are many new authors and I couldn’t stop downloading them.

I didn’t make my reading goal last year but I have a good feeling that I will this year.

Happy reading everyone.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

10 thoughts on “My Current Read

  1. I bought a few of her books after I received a positive review on my new series that included this line: “Aspiring detective Jo Ravens is the new Agatha Raisin, US style.” I haven’t had a chance to read her books yet, but I think I’ll put one next in the queue. Thanks for reminding me.

    I have about 300 hardcover books that are begging to be read. They are mostly 1990’s and older. Like you, I’m rotating between newer Kindle books and my hardcovers. I still love holding and reading a book (and smelling the new ones). I’m off to a good start this year with three books finished and halfway through the fourth.

    Keep reading! 🙂

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    1. Cool review. I love hardcover books the most. Funny most of the books I have bought are from the 90s. It was the decade I worked alot and did not read much other textbooks. I use to subscribe to book of the month clubs and Harlaquin series. I have read three but two had been started last year. I have a Nook and then the Kindle app so I am prepared whenever there is down time. Lol. Great to see you back blogging! I see why you took a break with all your comments people write on your blog. You are great at getting them answered. Happy reading and finishing those books.


  2. Thanks for the tip. I just requested the first book in her series from my book club, Paperback Swap. By the way, if you read as much as I do, Paperback Swap is a nice, inexpensive way to put many books into your hands.

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  3. I’ve never downloaded an ebook yet, but I am into the audio books. I use Audible and I’m currently listening to the book “Wild”. I saw the movie, but the book is much more detailed. Great post!

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    1. I never thought I would read ebooks but it sucked me in. 🙂 I still prefer the holding of the book. I like the way it looks on my shelf. 🙂 I have not listened to any audibles but my hubby enjoys those. I want to see “Wild”. 🙂

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