Posted in February 2015

When Inspiration Strikes

When Inspiration Strikes

 Before Pic   After Pic. I was planted on the sofa when a bright light bulb went off. I can use the leftover green from the entryway to put some color above the fireplace. 🙂 Yes! It will be like a frame for decorating for holidays. Someday I would like to change the tile on the fireplace to … Continue reading

Blueberry Muffin Murder

 Credit to images This book is set in Lake Eden, MN. It is about a young lady named Hannah who co-owns a bakery named The Cookie Jar. She has a meddling mom who can not stay out of fixing her love life. Hannah is seeing two men. One is a cop and the other … Continue reading

Its My Birfday.

My birthday selfie! I’m enjoying a quiet day at home. I read a bit this morning. I enjoyed a glass of Pepsi, but thinking about getting a fountain pop. And maybe a cookie, yea. The oldest son and I were going to go to a movie but saw they don’t offer early times in winter. … Continue reading