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Organizing Fool

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I have been very slowly organizing my new Creative Cave. Organizing it means the rest of the house gets some organizing done. Nice to be able to put things in its own place. I had not realized how much little “stuff” I have to find a place for it. 

Unfortunately, I have not done any writing and only a little bit of reading. I feel that will change here soon. I am at least getting to the point where I can get back into that. I am one who is a creature of habit. I need to make it a habit in my daily routine. Part of my problem is beginning the day with a TV show I like and then that leads to another and another. Slap my hand, hide the remote!

Update on beautifying the yard, only mowing is getting done. The weather is still unpredictable so I have not tried planting any flowers yet. I think this next week it might be ok. The hubby and I are going to plant some tomatoes so we can make salsa and pasta sauce with it for the winter time. We eat quite a bit of this so hopefully it will save us some money. 🙂

Our trips back to the Puzzle House will start soon. We would have been back already to work on yards and houses but so many things going on here personally it has prevented it from happening. We are so thankful for the family helping keep on eye on the places for us. 😉

It is hard to believe the boys will be out of school for the summer soon. But that also means baseball season begins for them! Yay! They will be on the same team so that means not too many nights at the field.

That is a wrap for this month! How has your month or Spring been going?


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

8 thoughts on “Organizing Fool

  1. Organizing is always fun. That’s something that I need to do with my writing things. I think planting tomatoes for the winter is a great idea. I should mention that to my mom, lol. I plan on starting a garden with my Sunday school class next week, so hopefully the weather stays nice. Good luck with all your plans!


    1. I need to organize my writing and file cabinets. It has been awhile. I’m happy to hear you will be planting a garden for Sunday school. I think all kids should learn a bit about gardening. 😉 Thank you. I am getting stuff done today. Good luck with yours. 🙂


    1. Awesome! I do a little here and there when the urge strikes. LOL. I think I tend to clean more in the colder months. The house gets dusty in the summer because we are outside more. I do like to organize. 🙂

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  2. I start purging bigtime in January. Purge, toss, consolidate and organize. I feel like I do this all year, but January makes it clear that I don’t! I finished a coupla weeks ago, and I am feelin good 🙂
    On my most productive days, I start with laundry and cat boxes. On my least productive days, I start with my laptop 😉 I know this, but it doesn’t mean I always choose well.


    1. Sounds like you have it all figured out. 🙂 Good job. I’m getting better at tossing. I once saved EVERYTHING! 🙂

      Cat boxes….I do good with the one on the main floor but tend to put off the one in the basement. I really should not. It isn’t terribly bad but I could do better with it.


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