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That Journal Thing Again…June 14-20, 2015

summer fun 015 What my journal looks like. Spans five years. 2012-2016.

As I take a look in my journal, I see lots of empty spaces during the first six months. I would think that would be a better time to write than during the last when all the holidays happen.


Maybe I have more to write about then. 🙂 I will add a goal to do better at writing in it and add a post once a month or twice. I don’t think I want to fill up my blog with every week, that is a lot of entries. 🙂

June 14th – question?         Did you exercise today?

2012    Actually did walk on treadmill for 20 minutes and sweated like crazy. I am trying to do regular exercise because it does make me feel better.

2013   Blank.

2014   Nope. I thought about it. Should have done it. Motivation was nowhere to be found.

2015   A little. Played in the front flower garden. Pulled weeds, removed the old mulch, and placed stone pavers down.

June 15th – question?      What’s your favorite gadget?

2012   The apps I have downloaded on my phone. Love them. It helps to keep track of things. Organize. Budget. Awesome. I use the apps more than call or text.

2013   Blank.

2014   My favorite would be my NOOK! I love it! I love it for all the apps. I love it for reading new authors that I would not have known about. 🙂

2015   My Galaxy Note 3 phone. I like the apps as always. It is nice being able to look stuff up on the internet on the spur of the moment. Love the camera! Lots of cool features.

June 16th– question?      What makes you cynical?

2012   Fake friends. Especially when they are only out for themselves. Makes me want to disappear and hide in my own little world.

2013   Blank. Thinking it was not a good year. 🙂

2014   “distrustful of human nature”, mocking. When someone you thought cared about you ends up not making an effort to be there when you need them most. Trust disappears.

2015   Fake people. People who lie a lot. People who ignore me.

June 17th– question?       The best hour today was_____. Why?

2012   7pm. Eating pizza with my boys. Nice to eat together. Plus Shay will be at college soon and not eating with us as much.

2013   Blank. Shock!

2014   5pm. Being at the movies with the boys and then eating afterwards at IHOP. Spending time with them. It was Shay’s treat which made it even better. 🙂 We had fun and got out of the house.

2015   6pm. Watching the boys play baseball. Love baseball.

June 18th– question?        What’s the last meal someone cooked for you?

2012   Have to be when hubby was home on R&R in May. It was his favorite mac & cheese with hamburger in it. Miss him. Deployment almost done.

2013   Blank.

2014   Monday Shay made the sloppy Joes while I caught up on dishes. It was yummy and simple. He is learning.

2015   A few weekends ago hubby cooked supper. I’m usually the one cooking.

June 19th– question?       What was the last personal letter you received?

2012   Gosh can not recall. Have had cards but not much wrote in them and those were from hubby. I think last letter was Farra when she went to school in Colby.

2013   Blank.

2014   It’s been since Christmas and that was a newsletter type letter. We get mostly junk mail. Blah.

2015   Last week from a LetterMo pen pal! Love pen pals. Now I need to return writing to her.

June 20th– question?       Write the first sentence of your autobiography.

2012   I am a creative but quiet woman who loves adventure.

2013   Blank.

2014   Who am I?

2015   Once upon a time I was a social butterfly, then I preferred the quiet life.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

11 thoughts on “That Journal Thing Again…June 14-20, 2015

  1. I love that year after year your favorite hours were those spent with your boys. I feel much the same way. Just going to a movie with them or going out to eat with them is one of life’s small but wonderful treasures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. Because when they grow up and can make their own mind up, they tend to spend more time with friends. 🙂 I smother them now. I limit their time with friends. No every night sleep overs, or going with a friend instead of us. I hope it will instill a family bond that will last after they are grown. 🙂 My daughter is suppose to be here today, hope it all works out! Miss her! 🙂


      1. Shay, oldest boy is half like that. But now he lives on the east coast. Miss him. Daughter is very sociable. The other two boys, youngest is half social and middle son is more stay at home. I guess time will tell. Treasure it all!

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  2. I agree with Carrie. It’s no nice that you have so much time and fun with your boys. With my one and only being 28, I have no problem with him living here at home. I know he’s anxious to get out on his own again, but I’ll keep him here as long as I can. 🙂 I like these journal entries of yours. I think we have so much in common. I used to be a social butterfly … but I tell people I am now a hermit. I sure have turned into a homebody.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like being a hermit. Once in awhile getting out. I use to go dancing and that was fun but definitely led to a hangover. Now its rare to drink or dance. Lol. I have enjoyed when my kids have moved back home too. Thank you. I enjoy the journal. Its fun to see the different years. We are definitely a lot alike! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey! I thought I was following you….it seems WP likes to delete people because I sure didn’t!! :O Anyways, I subscribed again. 🙂 Great post and I love the comparison of the different years. Very clever!

    Liked by 1 person

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