I bought these cute tiny bottles for an art project. I returned home, sat down at my computer, it wouldn’t work. I think now I should have bought the big bottles and lots of them. Crying!!!!

I do so much on it. Really can’t afford a new one. I have an old laptop but prefer my desktop. Which do you like laptop or desktop?

Hoping my genius hubby will be able to fix it this weekend. I’m crying though. I knew it was getting close to breaking but hoped it would last. Don’t we all.

I’m typing this on my phone which I prefer not to but now must. I had to vent. Whoa is me. Looks a date with my cute bottles tonight.

By 2bcreativeblog

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14 thoughts on “Crying”
  1. We rely so heavily on our computers it’s almost paralyzing when they break down. I prefer a laptop myself. More portable.

    Hope it gets working for you!

  2. Dang. I’m sorry. I know how you feel. I feel like that every time another laptop dies on me. 🙁 So expensive, and then the set-up and getting everything just right. Gah. I’ll share a beer with ya.

  3. Aw, that’s never good! I prefer laptops because they’re easier to carry around. I hope you’re able to fix it soon!

  4. Update: I pushed the computer button again today. It sounded like it was starting up finally, so I decided switch monitors. I stole my son’s. 🙂 It works! I bet the little booger pushed the power button on the surge protector to restart the internet and sent a surge to my monitor. Um….I will have to make sure my computer is off when I am not on it just in case he does it again.

  5. Aww, Bless Jwls! Hope hubby can fix it for you until you can afford another one. Laptops are the way to go these days Jwls. 😉

      1. I was that way about desktops for years, so I understand your preferences… it’s what you’re used to and comfy with. 😀

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