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Back To The Writing Board

thCABPMG2UCredit to images.

I was accepted to write articles for this company but after one article they said I was not up to their standards. Um, I made it through the application.


I knew at first my articles would probably not be bought but I thought I would get to learn and practice writing. I had faith I would eventually sell some. I can not believe a company would drop you after one rejection.

Especially, when it is nothing out of their pocket because they are a hosting site for all the companies looking for articles. The companies pay them to be in touch with the writers but does not mean they have to choose you. Heck, my article was rejected before it even had a chance to be seen by the company that requested the topic. Sigh.

I know this happens when you submit to the company directly, because of course, they are looking for a certain voice so if you don’t write like that, yes they reject.

I am shocked that the middle man would cut after one article. There were many different topics and companies to choose from on the list. Again it was my time but nothing out of their pocket. I would say after ten, then cut. Give some feedback too. Say what was wrong.

I guess the world isn’t ready for my kind of writing style. I tried to be stuffy and boring in the article but I couldn’t do it. I did stick to the guidelines.

Oh well. Sad face. I think I will go get a Pepsi. Drink my sorrows. 🙂


Back to the writing board.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

One thought on “Back To The Writing Board

  1. Maybe it was a money issue and not your writing. They decided not to pay for any more articles. That’s what happened. Think of it that way. You weren’t there so it could have happened. You’ll sell others. Chin up!

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