That Journal Thing, Week Aug. 9-15th

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August 9th

Question: Write down your last sent text message.

Year 2012: nothing.

Year 2013: I deleted it. Usually don’t text much. No one texts me much either. 🙂

Year 2014: nothing.

Year 2015: It was a smiley face to hubby. We do that a lot. 🙂 Only texts I do is hubby and kids. Once in awhile a friend. Call me unsociable on the phone. 🙂

August 10th

Question: What are you running from at this moment?

Year 2012: Oberlin. Small town life. Want a change for a while. New opportunities. Still like the small town just want something different for awhile. Running from a broken house there. Will be nice not living in it while fixing it. 🙂

Year 2013: How much weight I have gained since high school. I guess running from mirrors. 🙂

Year 2014: nothing.

Year 2015: My bathrooms! LOL…they need cleaned bad! Well, they are not gross. I just find other things to do. LOL

August 11th

Question: How many stamps are in your passport?

Year 2012: Do not have one. 🙁

Year 2013: None

Year 2014: None

Year 2015: None still. Probably never will have one. Bummer. I would love to travel, but time and money blocks that!

August 12th

Question: What is your resolution for tomorrow?

Year 2012: Get organized! Pack!

Year 2013: Edit my novel. Step it up and get busy! 🙂

Year 2014: Nothing.

Year 2015: Clean those bathrooms. LOL I have three of them. Yep still putting it off. 🙂 Of course write. Always write.

August 13th

Question: What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?

Year 2012: Sleep in a little. Family time. Chill. Relax. 🙂

Year 2013: Chill out. Big breakfast. Watch TV with the hubby. Watch son bowl during season. Other son play football.

Year 2014: blank.

Year 2015: Chill with the hubby and kids. During school year the son and I go to bowling. He bowls on a city league that earns scholarship money. 😉 And this year the youngest son will be playing tackle football for the school.

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August 14th

Question: Did you complete your to-do list for the day?

Year 2012: Nope. Rarely do.

Year 2013: Nope. Some done. My lists are usually LONG. I got emails read, laundry for boys done, YMCA, read blogs, and wrote a blog. 😉

Year 2014: blank.

Year 2015: No. A little bit done.

August 15th

Question: What do you like best about your body today?

Year 2012: My hair. I recently got a hair cut.

Year 2013: Well…that’s a bad question! LOL I suppose my legs. Only a few old lady markings but in good shape. Exercising again. Soon look even better everywhere. 🙂

Year 2014: blank

Year 2015: I’ve lost about 20 lbs on my own and have kept it off for over a year. Now to lose 20 more. 🙂

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  1. Carrie Rubin · August 19, 2015

    Congrats on losing twenty pounds and keeping it off. That’s great. Now, about those bathrooms… 😉

    • 2bcreativeblog · August 19, 2015

      Thank you! I know, those bathrooms. It is mostly the boys bathroom I put off. LOL…wonder why.

      • Carrie Rubin · August 19, 2015

        I don’t blame you at all. I make my teen sons clean their own bathroom. I don’t want to tackle that scary place!

      • 2bcreativeblog · August 19, 2015

        I still do the toilet and shower. The boys do the sink and mirror. Their turn is coming though. Lol

  2. dougstuber · August 25, 2015

    I dropped 20 this year on a gluten free dealy wheely. I guess if I could take sugar all the way out I could lose more, even on this ancient left knee.

    • 2bcreativeblog · August 25, 2015

      I just watch my portions and variety. If I cut sugar bet id drop more too but got enjoy a bit. Moderation is key.

  3. dougstuber · August 25, 2015

    I dropped 20 this year via gluton-free. now if I could only stop eating any sugars at all….hehe. Nice to find your blog, most interesting.

  4. Amanda · September 7, 2015

    Congrats on losing the weight! I like your journal idea…very fascinating and easy to see the differences all in one place. I noticed there isn’t much said for the year 2014. Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s always great to see a happy face and reading your comments. They truly make my day!

    • 2bcreativeblog · September 7, 2015

      Thank you! I love your blog. Ya I must not have paid attention to the journal that year. Darn it. Lol

      • Amanda · September 7, 2015

        Well,I think it’s a very clever way of comparing years. 🙂

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