Roadblock=Don’t Use

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I am shaking my head this morning like most mornings. My city is working on a stretch of road that is close to my sons’ Middle School. It is a small stretch but it does force cars to take a long detour. It is completely blocked off with those cute signs above which means stay out. They have prepared it with gravel for the next step of laying asphalt, I assume. This morning I see a car stop in front, he gets out and moves one of them. At first, thinking ok maybe he works there and is checking something which still don’t know why you would need to drive in.

I finish taking the boys to school and come back by and see that he drove through. He did not even close it back up. The not so law abiding man didn’t want to turn around so he drove through so he could get to the highway that is a few feet away. Seriously!

Then I look in my rear mirror and see a pickup go through the open space. Well, maybe the pickup worker works there. Because there have been pickups there. Nope, he drives through as well. Good grief people. A simple rule of the road if it has roadblocks, that means stay out!

I don’t know why it surprised me this morning, I see so many ignoring road rules everyday. I think drivers need to go back and relearn left hand turns which is a major one they do wrong. I don’t know how many times I have been almost hit because they cut into my side of the road. Another one is the use of blinkers, that one seems to not exist in the drivers mind.

We live on a really busy road that leads to a grade school. I will slow down and use my blinker to let the driver know I am turning into my driveway. I can not believe how many do not pay attention and who are on my tail end! It’s like buddy get off my bumper!!!! I have properly showed you I am turning.

Our city is also a hands free cellphone area. They ignore that law too. I see so many looking down at a phone or have it up to their ear. And now we have car makers putting WiFi in cars! What the heck for? I thought we were suppose to be trying to get away from cellphone use while driving. Shaking my head. Hubby and I saw one person using his laptop while driving one day. Yep he was all over the road!

We are hoping to buy a new car when the pickup is paid off, but I don’t want all that computer crap in it. And I love technology, but when I get in a car it is to drive and pay attention to my surroundings. 🙂

I guess my point of this rant is, why do people think breaking minor laws is ok? Laws are there to help protect. Sure makes it difficult to teach your own kids to follow the laws, but I will keep doing it.

On that note, I did get me an early morning Pepsi to calm my nerves. Ok, it may not do that but sure is comfort. 🙂

Have a great day! A bit chilly here but sun is shining!

8 responses to “Roadblock=Don’t Use”

  1. This is a frequent topic of conversation between Rich and me. You can see how people are in a bigger hurry on the road than ever before, and they are more distracted than ever before. Just today I passed a woman on the highway who had a folder open on her steering wheel and her phone to her ear. She was obviously working and driving – and she was swerving quite a bit, but at least in her lane. You have me so worked up thinking about it, I think I’ll have a Pepsi, too. 🙂 (Just kidding.)


    • Oh, my, don’t get worked up! LOL I never use to get worked up but some of the things people do is ridiculous! They drive on the school grass to turn around so they don’t have to go the long way, that urks me the most! The school has an unloading lane and another lane beside it so you can get out of the parking spots or get out the lane but they use it for a drop off zone here so half the time you are getting blocked in. The kids getting out don’t even look for cars they just walk right in front of you. It is terrible. The best one is the parent stopping in the middle of the huge walk zone for the kids. They block it! Seriously, that is for the kids to walk to the other side. Grrr. At events the parents park in that loading zone which is yellow and should not be filled up. You should see out of town buses trying to unload their kids. The cars block them. But they won’t follow the rules. Sad. I could go on and on. 🙂 I will spare you. LOL

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  2. They must like doing roadworks in the winter… just about every route I take has some kind of road construction going on… they’re not too bad, I suppose. lol

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