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Run, Turkey, Run!

Lights, Camera, Action

There’s nothing quite like waking up about 10 a.m. to the smell of succulent turkey, the haze of soft light reflecting through an ice covered window, and the sound of Grandpa telling someone we have 2 inches of snow on the ground already. This is Thanksgiving in Nebraska.

Luckily my grandpa has a couple exercise machines in his basement. This morning I started my day by replying to “Happy Thanksgiving” texts, giving my fingers a work out of their own, and then ran for 15 minutes. I finished just over a mile by the time I was done. I hopped in the shower, made some eggs, and sat down to blog.The Macy’s Day parade and Purina Dog Show are on; however, just because it’s the holiday doesn’t mean you can’t stay motivated and focused.

As I run, I image a turkey, running away from thanksgiving dinner. He has ruffled feathers…

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2 thoughts on “Run, Turkey, Run!

  1. I used to wake up to the smell of turkey too when we’d spend the night before Thanksgiving at my moms. I totally know what you’re talking about! 🙂 I also love waking up to bacon, hehe!

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