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Calendar Journal

I like to jot things down through the year on a calendar. Last year, I bought a quarterly calendar and it had a lot of room to write things where the date was. Then in April of last year I decided to go with the binder and filler pages. I enjoyed it and it had a lot of room to add pages if need be.

This year, I bought the binder again. I was surprised the store no longer carried the calendar refill. I pondered for the last week of what I wanted to do. I know I could have gone to an office supply store or order it online but my mind was thinking go more creative. What do I do but head to Pinterest for ideas. 🙂

Lots of neat free printables to choose from. 🙂

The one’s I chose.

I am pretty happy with them so far. Eventually, I want to make my own. I like doing that kind of stuff. 🙂

I put them in three sections.

I used my teddy bear stationery cut down to size. I have tons of stationery because we once had a small office and computer store. I am eager to get it used up so I can justify buying new stuff. LOL (I keep telling myself it needs all used up first but now I do have room for more so just maybe I can buy a couple new ones. 🙂 )

This is the front cover. 🙂


I figure the calendar is the perfect way to know what year the journal is. 🙂

The reason I use the smaller binder is when I carry my big purse I can place it in it. Plus, the smaller size uses less ink to print. 🙂 lol

How do you organize your year?

I had a good hair day today so I am going to post my selfie for the month. LOL

20160112_144024 I chopped my hair about a month ago. She actually cut more than I wanted to but I like it ok. It will grow. I am thinking I want some color to it. I might even go brave with a hint of teal. ???? It will be a few months pondering time. 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

4 thoughts on “Calendar Journal

  1. I do most everything on an electronic device, including my calendar, but for some reason I still keep my daily to-do list in a written calendar book. I guess I like writing my tasks down and checking them off. Gives me satisfaction. 🙂

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  2. You are so organized! I am disorganized and forgetful. I forgot until this weekend that I have an appointment with our accountant tomorrow. I still waited until today to get my paperwork ready, and it took ALL DAY. I *like* the idea of a journal and to-do lists, but I would never keep up with either.

    I try to keep track of everyone’s appointments here. Our son missed jury duty, because the notice ended up in a stack of papers on my desk. We didn’t realize until over a month later that he simply didn’t show up, and they didn’t send the police for him. 🙂

    It would be awesome to have so much stationary. Not that I write letters, but the granddaughter and I would love drawing on it or making things from it.

    And yes, you are having a good hair day. 🙂 I chopped a ton of my own hair off. It’s just a bit longer than yours now. The girl who did my color was a nutjob, and I have dark blonde on top with bright blonde all around the bottom. It’s kind of ok, because it’s kind of freaky.

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    1. Some things are organized. Lol. I tend to put off mail and filing probably because it was my job for so many years. Lol. Glad they didn’t send the police for him. Oops. Love paper. I use it for all kinds of projects. I would love to design some. Your hair sounds pretty. Mine did have highlights til I tried to cover the grey with a sandy blonde. Didn’t work. My hair is so dark now it takes white blonde to cover anything. Lol. Need to find a good hair person and let her do it.


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