A Day To Shop!

I had the urge to change my purse and billfold today so off shopping I went. The hubby tagged along. He is actually a good shopper. First stop was Hobby Lobby!

Dang, if I had all the extra money to spend without feeling guilty I would so spend half there and other half on books!

Love creating things. I bought some craft stuff and I will show later what I did with it. I did find a coin purse. I have looked on and off for one and never could find one.

20160319_182537 Cheap and fun. Love it.

Hubby even enjoyed looking around Hobby Lobby. He says once he finishes his man cave, we might both be in trouble with shopping in there. They have some models he likes to put together.

Next stop was the office supply store, Staples, right next door! I love this shop too.

I found a planner for my purse. It is part of the Arc label. When you put the refills in they are cut to grab around the binder rings instead of pulling them open. It is pretty cool. The guy showed me you can also mix and match planners by putting the front from one to the other. I will remember that for next year or when I decide I need another. LOL

The inside has a spot for bank cards and ID’s so no need for a wallet now. I didn’t buy the calendar insert but instead I bought a marked down pocket calendar and placed it in the clear pocket holder you see there. It has the diamonds on it. 🙂

The planner came with note paper and I bought the extra tab dividers to go in it. I love tab dividers! Now, if an idea hits me somewhere, I can write it down! Never fails I will be somewhere and get an idea and then forget it later.

I walked around and looked at all the neat stationary and pens.

I scored these! Only $4.00! Half off! Love sales!

20160319_182445 I think it will last me awhile. Maybe. 🙂

It has been a productive weekend thus far. I am waiting on my canvas art project to dry, but when it is done, I shall post a blog on that! 🙂

Have a great evening! 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Day To Shop!”

    1. Yes! I love Target as well. Luckily, these stores are about 15 mins away so I can talk myself out of going. I would be in trouble if they were in town. Still close by but not in my direct area. 🙂

      1. I resisted Wal-Mart when we lived on the other side of the state, always shopped in the mom and pop stores first. Now, Wal-Mart is our main store unless you travel. Sigh. And to top it off, we now have a Marketplace in our neighborhood but it is pretty nice, not always cheapest though.

  1. I used to own a collection of fine point biros. Nothing like a notebook and an easy glide pen to make me feel creative. Since I started asking my iPad seriously, I’ve let the ink dry. Everything goes onto my mum now computer. I hear your ink joy pens calling to me, Jules. Have to made a mistake do you think?