Hugs And Kisses

Hugs Kisses

My new canvas art that is now hanging in our newly painted bedroom. I like it. It is teal and yellow paint. The circle and x is made out of a cool copper paper that I found at Hobby Lobby. I love feeling the crinkly paper! The & sign is a thick paper product found at Hobby Lobby. Painted it yellow and then decided to add some bling! I had the color glass for some time and decided to use it finally. I got to play with the glue gun and even burned my finger a few times. 🙂 Still fun.

The only ones to like it on Facebook was my dear sweet daughter and my friend Beth. They are nice people so not surprised they liked it. It was disappointing more didn’t. I guess what matters is I like it and hubby likes it. Or at least that is what he tells me. LOL

Sometimes I let things get to me or read too much into it. I guess when you see all your friends liking other people’s canvas art at those art parties and then they don’t yours it makes me wonder.

I think that is why I struggle with completing my book. I feel once I do and submit publish, no one is going to like it. I then bounce back to who cares? As long as I enjoyed writing it and a few people like it.

A daily struggle.

When will I ever quit caring? Do you struggle with people liking your creations whether it is writing or art? Or am I weird and lacking confidence? 🙂

4 responses to “Hugs And Kisses”

  1. Here’s the thing, Jules. We all of us, whatever we say aloud, secretly feel we’re no good unless somebody likes what we have created. That’s not a good thing. We have to have faith in our work and keep on going, otherwise we’re never going to develop our own unique style. I love your hugs and kisses creation. Don’t put it in the bottom drawer to gather dust. Display it and move on to your next project. xx00

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    • Totally makes sense. I just need to boost that faith some more. Thank you. Doing the art really helps me to write. It is weird. I think finishing something gives me that boost to finish the writing. I do more writing when I do art along side. 🙂


  2. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised about Facebook. There are so called trends and people who have nothing better to do like them. I sometimes post a painting, and the number shows whatever hundreds of people were reached and there is just 1 or 2 likes. It is strange how it doesn’t work for simple people who are not singers, actors and celebrities.
    The goal of any creative work isn’t actually to please everybody. It’s great you enjoyed creating this wall art and you are pleased how it looks on the wall. Goal achieved and that’s what I can congratulate you with. I also would love more comments because I spend so much time writing my blog posts. However, only 1 person out of every 100 reads them. Sad, but that’s just reality.
    Nice works!


    • So true. Us simple people get tossed aside. Thank you! 🙂 Yes, definitely create first for me. Just gets “lonely” sometimes. I keep on a going. 🙂 No giving up. Thank you for your kind response and thought provoking!


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