Practice Practice Practice

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When I was in grade school my grandma enrolled me in piano lessons. I enjoyed it but didn’t always practice as much as she wanted me to. So, she got the idea I was not interested. I enjoyed, just wanted to play outside.

Maybe that is where 3 of my 4 kids that play a band instrument got their “no practicing” at home from. I must say they play their instruments well and receive good grades in band.

Which brings me to my grandma who could play the piano very well. The amazing thing is she did not know a single note. She played by ear. It was amazing. I miss her piano playing and the family gatherings when everyone would sing along as she played.

We still have that piano sitting in her house that my family and I maintain still. My aunt was going to take it to her house but then decided to give it to my daughter. I imagine it will stay within those walls for a while yet until the daughter is done moving around. I bet I can lift the piano bench seat up and find my old piano books. I need to do that the next time we are back home.

I did not stay with piano lessons. I wish I had. Maybe if I had one of these guitar center keyboards I would have continued on. I secretly wanted one back then but since I quit piano I knew I shouldn’t ask for one. They are priced decently and the amazing things you can do with them nowadays. Maybe when I get that jamming guitar I will add an electric keyboard. 🙂

I can drive my hubby nuts in retirement with all the musical instruments. 🙂

When our oldest son played the drums in school I kept telling the hubby we needed a drum set to keep him interested, but he said no way. Party pooper!





  1. joey · June 13, 2016

    Oh how I wish I had been any good at the piano. I love the sound of them. I think you should give it another whirl. (I have tried, three times lol!)

    • 2bcreativeblog · June 13, 2016

      Really thinking about it. I just like too many things. I am never bored. 🙂

      • joey · June 13, 2016

        Me neither! It’s a good way to be I think. A lifetime of learning! 🙂

      • 2bcreativeblog · June 13, 2016

        Very true.

  2. denisfeuerstein · June 19, 2016

    Wel, I am playing the piano for fourteen years now – the trick is to never give it up and always try to do a little. Don’t expect it to be perfect at first, just enjoy the music and let it flow.

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