Video Producer I Am Not

Who out there loves making videos?

While I don’t mind taking them of others I hate myself being in one. I feel like I look like a dork. I suppose until I get use it that will be my opinion of myself. LOL.

I’m not sure I like Instagram having the short video. I mean isn’t that what SnapChat is for.  🙂 The only thing I use SnapChat for is to send short videos to my kids. I seriously have maybe 4 followers. I don’t like using SnapChat for business stuff. I think it is too short. Plus, I think leaving it for fun and not for businesses. I don’t ever click on the business stuff they put on my SnapChat.

I can understand  Instagram being used for businesses because of taking the photos of products you sell. But don’t get the SnapChat one for businesses.

I decided to play around with my computer camera. I discovered some neat features that might make things more interesting once in a while on my social media platforms. Hopefully, you can view this video, if not go to my Facebook Page.

Lots to learn. I am no actress for sure. My voice sounds so weird. 🙂

The big rage is videos! I just don’t want to be the star of them. LOL  🙂

What do you think?

3 responses to “Video Producer I Am Not”

  1. Pretty cute stuff 🙂
    I dunno, I rarely watch videos. I know I’m not the norm, but I kinda hate them, because if people are home, I have to get earplugs or make people stop listening to their things, and honest to goodness, I read so much faster than people speak, so it takes longer…and well, I’m not very supportive, am I?
    You should totally learn to make fab videos, because lotsa people will watch them 😀

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    • Thank you. I hear you on the videos. I don’t always watch all the way through some. I like the short ones the best. Sometimes it depends on my mood. I’m glad there are still people who want to read! My first pick is reading and not videos. Don’t know about lots of people watching mine but at least it is something different to do once in awhile. LOL

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