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Eating Bull

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Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin

Excellent writing!

Excellent plot story!

A thriller that kept me turning the page. I liked how the author gave chapters to main characters. She gave the reader in-depth view of what the character felt and who they were. The story is about Jeremy, Eating Bull, who struggles with obesity from lots of fast food, sugar eating, and little exercise. He is a teenager being raised by a single mom and they live with her very bitter, name calling dad. Between his abusive words and kids from school, Jeremy battles with drowning his sorrows with food eating. Jeremy meets Sue, a health nurse, who convinces him to sue the fast food industry for being a part of his obesity. This lands Jeremy in the public eye and in the middle of a serial killer’s obsession with getting rid of obese people. Very exciting thriller! Read it to find out Jeremy’s outcome. You won’t regret it! 🙂

When I began reading this book it stirred me to reevaluate my habits. I’m not as obese as Jeremy but I am overweight for my height and have high blood pressure. I am blessed that my kids are not obese but I will keep limiting the extra sugar and fast food thanks to this book. The book did jump-start me to get active again on the treadmill!

Kudos to the author!

I got the message!