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Music Is Our Friend

music-note-icon(Credit to images)

Taking a look around one of my favorite online music stores, Musician’s Friend, I found the discount music equipment  under the open box gear category. Several great buys.

I particularly like the Xylophones!

471951000958000-00-500x500(Credit to images)

I had a grade school music teacher that liked to play the Xylophone for us.

Loved that class!

He introduced us to several instruments and that is how we learned the making of music. There was a board game he had on his wall that was like the memory game only with music notes and such. It was fun to play and definitely did the trick to learn them.

Maybe if I asked Santa to bring me a xylophone for Christmas, I could learn to play one! 🙂

For now, I will close my eyes and remember the sounds. 🙂

What was your music class like? Do you think it still needs to be in the school’s curriculum?

I do.


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

6 thoughts on “Music Is Our Friend

  1. I more enjoyed the dancing, but I did like the recorder. All my kids learned to play the recorder and Moo played xylophone and drums as well. They had an Orff program the last two years and she had a lot of fun with that 🙂


    1. Love dancing. Was on the high school dance team and younger 20s and 30s use to go to the legion dances. Those were fun. lol Oldest kid, she played the flute. Next kid, he played the drums. Third kid, he still playing the trombone. The youngest refused to be in band. LOL. Not too bad. Glad they have music programs and she had fun. I think music is important for learning. 🙂

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