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I’m sitting at the library parking lot waiting on middle son from school. Clouds are looking rather like winter. Not sure I’m ready for that.

Snow (credit to Bing.com images)

I like winter but not the road mess and bitter temps. A nice snowfall is pretty. Just hate the messy streets. I’m hoping hubby can make it through the mountains safely, truck driver. Sounds like they will be wintery. Still shaking my head for him wanting to truck drive after military retirement. 🙂

Earlier in the day I began editing my book. I went to print after I was done and looks like the printer has decided to die a slow broken ink death. I’m going to try one more cleaning and maybe order a cheap black ink before I let it go. I can’t complain it has lasted us about twelve years and was about hundred dollars. I sure will miss it. Of course, I don’t want to have to get use to a new one. Sigh.

notafraidfirstdrafts(credit to Bing.com. Or 20 first drafts. LOL )

I got home and did the cleaning on the printer and it worked. I hope to baby it along until after Christmas. Small budget so got to do what I got to do. 🙂

I posted another chapter that I edited. Sorry for the wait. Last week was more about getting ready for the youngest son’s sleepover birthday celebration. One would think at his age he would be done with that. lol It went rather well. Good kids. They had fun. They even went outside and played hide in the dark tag. LOL. Glad kids will still play those fun games. I recall dark time was the fun time to do them. 🙂

Later that evening I took them to the movie Hacksaw Ridge. Hubby was too tired so he stayed home. I think he didn’t want to put up with five teenagers. lol. Anyway, the movie was really good. A few laughs and definitely sad moments. One I will watch again, but wait until video.

It is expensive to go to the movies.

We might average one a month if we are lucky. We rent mostly. Of course, the boys picked the very front row! Well, it wasn’t too bad because the theatre is small and it has the rounded screen, so it seemed almost like you were right there. I guess we were right there. LOL Good times.

thR2OCW7UY(credit to Bing.com images)

Have a great evening! Stay warm or stay cool, whichever. We are currently in between. 🙂






  1. joey · November 17, 2016

    One, our weather here is absurd for November. It was 73 today.
    Two, printers are evil and someday there’s going to be a new way and it’s going to be awesome and not a money-eating machine. Mmhm.

  2. Maddie Cochere · December 6, 2016

    Wow, you are a good mom. Five teens and the movies. 🙂 Glad you were able to keep that printer alive. If I don’t get back here … Merry Christmas!

    • 2bcreativeblog · December 6, 2016

      Thank you. Merry Christmas to you. Miss your blogs. 😊

      • Maddie Cochere · December 6, 2016

        I think I’ll have a book finished this week. I want to get control of my writing life (my business) after the first of the year, and I really hope that will include blogging on a regular basis again. I’m not down for the count yet! 🙂

      • 2bcreativeblog · December 6, 2016

        That is awesome. Love your writing.

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