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December Is Flying By

Christmas 2014 ouside front (A few years ago)

I do believe December is flying by way too fast! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did! All four kids plus the two older ones brought their loves to spend Christmas Day with us. 🙂

Our family is growing! For me that was the best gift, because I know sometimes we won’t all be able to. Life gets busy and people scatter.

I received some great gifts. I love all gifts, from a thought to an expensive one. I do believe the thought ones stay with you way more than an expensive one. 🙂 Though hubby did surprise me with an expensive one this year, a new fridge. The other one was leaking, ruining our floor. It is now in the garage for drinks and extra food. It came in handy for the holiday. 🙂 So far, that fridge is not leaking out there. Go figure! LOL

Now, that brings us to the next holiday, New Years!

I was spending time online looking at one of my favorite music stores, Guitar Center, and came across the blue woodpecker. The name caught my eye. I even chuckled a bit.  What a gorgeous microphone!

Picture came to my mind of singing on New Years with that microphone. Do you ever daydream? I have some doozies. If I was having a party, been awhile, this microphone would be fabulous for karaoke. Do you like to karaoke? I usually have to have a few beers in me before getting in front of a crowd. I do have a couple of kids that love to sing. They would love this.

Whatever your plans are for the New Years, stay safe, have fun, and best wishes for you in 2017! 🙂


I am a writer and an artist, at least in my mind. :) I love to read!

6 thoughts on “December Is Flying By

  1. It is a pretty microphone. I like vintage-lookin stuff 🙂 I agree with you, too, about the thoughtful gifts ❤
    I find it hysterical that the old fridge isn't leaking in its new spot! Oh my word! But hey, a new fridge! 🙂

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    1. Me too. So shiny! Isn’t it Murphy’s Law? Lol New one is side by side. Like it a lot. Old one had bottom freezer and don’t care for that. Kids keep forgetting old one in garage so they forgot about pie today. Hubby and I liked that. More for us. Lol

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      1. I have a side by side (came with house) and I hate it, but at least it still runs 😉
        I’m not a fan of freezer on the bottom, either. I like typical ones, traditional ones, me thinks.
        More pie is definitely more better 🙂

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  2. That is great you had Christmas which made you feel good! We have a music studio upstairs above my art gallery where everything is always hooked up, that includes a very good microphone. I believe, you’d love that, just to go and sing. This place is not that well suited for staying in it or living, but for arts.
    It is fantastic to have a large family and family can come together. In that regard, my Christmas is a really silent one because family except husband is across the ocean. I suppose you cannot have everything.
    Wishing you to have, to keep and to enjoy all things which you already have and good health, abundance and pleasant days in 2017!

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    1. Thank you. Hope your New Year is great. That is great having a music studio. That would be fun. Sorry your family is far away. At least there is cell phones and video conferencing. I know our time is coming when it won’t work out for the holidays. Enjoying it now.


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